There’s a lot we don’t know , a lot we are searching for answers to, like what’s in the distance of outer space or what’s lurking very close to us?, like inside our bodies close. As we grow older our bodies began to weaken, like in reverse of the once forward growth of our bodies … Continue reading Nonexistence

Cable Cheating Customers

Why have we been duped for so long ?. You don’t have an idea of what the question or answer should be but that’s ok, you are not alone, most of us are usually glued along with you in an endless cycle that occurs every day mostly after six pm, after work, dinner, after not … Continue reading Cable Cheating Customers

Lives that matter

People die every day, some from accidents, disease, natural causes, suicide, and murder. Death comes to all people, short, fat, cute, bad, old, white, rich, babies, black, educated, well you get the point, anyone, anyplace, anytime, death will get you, that’s a certain. It matters less about the place, time, when, or how in most … Continue reading Lives that matter

Dogs Life

Growing up in several areas of the nation’s capital in lower and middle class neighborhoods over five decades ago, we often had several dogs on our block, there was the dog who was sometimes in a front yard who would run up to its fence, wagging his tail and jumping up on the metal link … Continue reading Dogs Life

Needed Changes

It’s sometimes easy to write , yell, spread what’s wrong with this or that thing, person or place, you know the trash was not picked up today, my child’s teacher is horrible or those people in charge aren’t worth a damn. Well there is enough wrongs in our country to go on and on, some … Continue reading Needed Changes

Not Liking What’s Going On

When one looks out at the ocean, mountains, beaches, forest, animals, plants, and the many wonders of nature’s delights for some and Gods marvelous creations to others, this world is a place to like, no it’s a place to love no matter how it came about, don’t you think. A far away loving What’s with … Continue reading Not Liking What’s Going On


Letters have been used to express many different words in poems, dance, text, letters, and many other forms, yet unfortunately one word is use often with little true fulfillment from where it comes, it is likely the most over use word for some selfish reasons than most any other single words. How does such a … Continue reading Word

Spring Wo-men Power

Spring is a wonderful time, the sounds, sights, smells and feel seems to open our inner souls, it’s a time when hibernating animals awake, beautiful birds return, plants prepare to bloom, people dig in the soil and refresh their life to a wonderful new beginning, old man winter is behind or maybe in another way, … Continue reading Spring Wo-men Power