Past Summers

It was another summer, not the first or last that one could differ from another, likely if you were in some way blindfolded and began to slowly walk toward the sounds you heard it might start with the sounds you hear in the distance of laughter, the high pitch laughter of children, the sounds of … Continue reading Past Summers

Not writing about happy

Wow, wow is not a worthy or normal way to start most articles, blog or post, it makes many think what’s going on, what’s the wow about?, or it seems like some type of corny advertising. Let’s try getting to a point, this writer was about to write a good feeling type of something for … Continue reading Not writing about happy

Acres, Mules and Wealth

Some things you maybe want to know or if you know, you may want to share . A acre is a unit of land equal to 4,840 square yards, or slightly smaller than a football (91 yards) field minus end zones. A mule is the off spring of a male donkey and a female horse, … Continue reading Acres, Mules and Wealth

Second Worse Crime

It’s time this serious abuse gets more of the attention it needs, before what little fairness that’s left crumbles in this country. View some recent headlines from this year alone, there are similar headlines likely where you live, some relate to part of the injustices in our country that has many people losing confidence in … Continue reading Second Worse Crime

Thoughts then and now

If you have lived longer then it takes the second hand on a clock to make a minute, as long as counting the inches in measuring a six foot person or can divide the number of steps in the Washington monument by eight correctly, yes those are just some odd stuff to get inside your … Continue reading Thoughts then and now