It’s difficult to blog about something good when there’s so much wrong, bad, terrible, hatefulness in and around us these days. Well there’s good food, good styles, good jokes, good babies, good animals and stuff that have good vibes, but things that are mostly getting attention and affecting a broader inner notice on our life, having more people hating on truths of good news to celebrate, seems falsehood is continuing rising faster then any good as a whole, books being banned, lessons reduce or dismiss, rejection’s if you don’t fit big corporations/government agenda, are we to not think and share for ourselves?.

Most people try to keep good in our lives, distancing some what from the crime leading breaking news, thieves in our neighborhoods, we would like to stay positive, wanting the good to overcome the worst in our lives, not wanting to give up beliefs of things being better tomorrow, next week or year. We have been told over and over, this is the greatest country in the world, we’re the best in nearly everything, we like to hear and want to believe what good we hear even if we’re unsure of somethings, sometimes, after all we’re just tried of so much terrible things.

Good priceless moments

A few things we might can feel good about depending likely on your age and place in life, most people can’t help but get a good feeling about small and innocent things, like friendly puppies, jolly toddlers, a little rainy day fund, if those things don’t bring a good ting to your heart , maybe some mid size things will, how about a class graduation, a wedding or your refund check arriving early, still not feeling a good something, maybe a hint of a smile, well let’s go another path, how about a promotion, your first house, a beautiful rainbow or a vacation?, ok you just like some quiet time in touch with your creator, not much can come close to that.

Good reads.

Weather it’s listening to good music, being with your favorite person or sitting in front of a cozy fire place, there’s something that’s soothing to our soul and takes us from the sometimes harshness of the gridding ills of stress that may get us close to feeling we’re just done.

Sometimes thoughts come to us when we’re feeling low , they can be bad or good, hopefully the good ones some refer to as my guardian angel, fairy godmother, the one above, or what ever outshine the troubling thoughts from your heart/soul to feel better. We can all be thankful for whatever reason the good finds us at our lowest and helps us to recover for another time to reach our highest point over the lowest troubling levels we may be feeling.

It can be easier to linger, gossip about the worse of anyone, thing or place, some people enjoy making themselves feel better over the hurt of others, it’s always been for a few to tear down then to build up , to break then to repair, to destroy then to give life. Hard times don’t last forever, my mom use to say around us children, hanging on to those words helps doing some difficult times maybe you have words you say or recall to help ease your mind sometimes, life is not the worse of times, history can let us know that if we don’t know.

Be happy, caring and safe.

Let’s try harder to feel better about more people, places and things, in doing so we can begin to share a bit more joy in all of our lives, be good about something,

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