Women by and by

Not allowed to vote, not allowed banking accounts in their name, not allowed for certain jobs, not allowed equal pay, not allowed ownership. Rising from some sofas to director chairs, from job seekers to job hirers, from candidates to the Vice President, women especially black and women of color still have struggles from powerful controlling men, especially some white men whose long history of injustices have been very slow and difficult to overcome.

Women, minorities supporting equality.

Women are beautiful, strong, interesting, intelligent, leaders, sexual humans and more, most would agree. Women have/are making progress and will be outstanding leaders of this country in the next decade especially if they avoid some former and current leaders unwise act(s) . Some true honors and respect have been worded and read about women, some women who have had their inner and outward special beauty devalued, know there are no perfect humans, more women can use their mental/physical well-being less on what may cause discomfort in the billions of dollars spent on so called beauty products, the male dominated ideals of what a pretty women as seen in magazines, movies, videos, images of women with more makeup more expensive clothing, jewelry, tattoos, implants than most women would ever consider, the stores/money from these products and services grows in many wasteful ways that could be used for more meaningful purpose, when more women embrace their trueness with less desire to please onlookers but to rise in their own feelings of worth and power of truest being of their fullest self . Entertainment industry leads in their influences on many young people, more hair that sways, more skin that’s shown, more sexual videos are what many think makes a women beautiful, female entertainers performing nearly naked, enjoying success but less welcoming by many who remember performances with less expose skin. Making moral benefits for younger people instilling their true nature, being unmoved by controlling money and false images of their truths will be just some of the overall women’s progress in moving forward with out the made to be standards of past decades. Excessive often than not makes for ugly.

Natural beauty, knowledge of knowing truth, respect, confidence, honestly to care for family, community and beyond are the growing future we deserve and should achieve together. Past and current control by some toward women to compete in most upper level fields as has /is done to most minority people of color over centuries, undervalued people need to strive from being divide by interests of those who don’t serve equal opportunities to all men and women.

Women who are leading/will lead should have a improved mental, physical, serving way of serving from that of past leadership, not with battles of us against them but from a united forward family, not that some haven’t done/tried that in the past but different times will have to require a stronger, mental state to rekindle what has/is being lost in many areas of our lives today in crime, mistrust, discrimination, disrespect, lewd acts, especially in some younger adults, be mindful we have some amazing young people doing and making strives in the journey to improve things in many areas of our lives, we encourage them to keep on pushing against barriers of injustices where it exists.

Mary Church Terrell, Lifting as we climb.

Better progress can come from leadership if it’s not from hypocrite behavior, with the growing advances of women in levels of small business to ownership, police officer to chiefs, nurses to doctors, mayors to governors, from young girls to wise women doing greatness, get ready for the new leaders who are able, knowing it won’t be easy but sooner than later, willingly make good, better.

A future leader?.

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