This 2023

Many people usually began New Years looking/planning forward, some wanting to leave most of their past behind. Maybe a more reasonable start is to go back , way back to the womb, a bit before their birthday to embark on a longer journey to your coming future.

When thinking of one’s birthday, one should think of their parents, especially the one who nurtured them in their womb for months. Mid way through my time in the womb, we were struck by an automobile on East Capital and M street in the nation capital, my mom was seriously injured, spent months in a hospital , carrying one or more children in your womb is a labor of endurance and love , not to be treated as less than anything like the way many women have/are undervalue too often but that’s another story, anyway my mom birth me into the world, six pounds, nine ounces, she would sometimes say a seventh child is a lucky child, after that accident we were bless to enjoy many New Years.

Going back over one’s life it’s ups and downs can be hard for some but shouldn’t be avoided, our better selves should know as much as possible of ourselves , the good, bad and the worse as we are journeying toward our future, of course it can be very difficult for some to track there life’s course but if possible getting to know one’s self can help knowing what’s better for your path forward, we often grow in others expectations of who we try to become, that may end worse than being ourselves, as long as we do our best to learn to be our best each day can bring our fullness to life with out trending to try to be someone we’re not truly happy with.

Finding your roots near and far, discovering ourselves, listening to our positive inners that doesn’t require other people to figure out you for you is powerful, that’s not to say you turn away from others with good advice and intentions, be capable to take in the goods and disregard the worse baggage around you as much as you can. There are many ads, online, shows, experts, self claim and professional helpers, paid and free, but self help of one’s self can be the best if you’re honest and consider of your weakness and your strengths, and knowing when to seek more help if and when needed is a plus.

When we’re able to do as a toddler taking those first steps we can grow stronger with in and outward achieve over most of the problems we’re likely to face in our path to becoming the person we like being, smile, be the light others can admire and even gain from, be one’s best self, life is short to be anything less. Enjoy life, it’s the only one we know of , as long as we can share in the doings of doing unto others as we would like done unto us, we’re more than half way to more happy New Years!.

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