Children, Dogs, Gays

Times have/is showing another life change than what was and now is. People, animals have long been a main focus in our day to day lives even as we may want to believe things that we can’t actually see or touch are the first things that endears us to life. Love is big key to life, it’s what is claim as the highest of highest, weather it be of earthly or heavenly things, its been spoken or related too many times some without real values of it’s truest meaning or worthiness.

For as long as most may remember dogs were/are considered a man’s best friend by many, even if they mostly got leftover scraps from kitchen tables, were often chain or left out in undesirable weather, hardly anyone wanted to smell their waste or by gosh pickup and dispose of their crap. Gays were mostly hidden, regarded as sickening , ungodly, to be kept away from children, dislike by most men and women, kept out of the mainstream unless they were good at entertaining had great connections or both.

Liberace 1919 – 1987

Most dog lives has vastly improved, they eat better than some folks, have stores catering to a wide variety of clothing, toys, haircuts, shampoos, veterinary care, insurance, chips, well you may get the point, you don’t see many living on neighborhood streets. Gays have advanced too especially if they know who they are and fit the not so lavish look of entertainment, gays are in nearly all areas of everyday life, receive loud applause on television shows, hold good or top notch political, social standings, share restrooms and other things that were not imagined some time ago, most are able to adopt children, if they want, live where they choose without the experienced of years ago but still battle some acceptance as some do too often.

Children seem to be falling behind in importance ways were some have had gain’s in the last decades, this comparison is not intended to draw bad attention to animals or humans but to open thoughts of what maybe unnoticed or given enough attention too, not a result of any official survey, research other then what’s seen, heard or felt by some. More children are hungry, homeless, under educated, living in one adult household, being sexual abused, murder then most can recall, it seems as if we lose out on something when we improve on somethings, when we should rise as a whole, people walking their pets often enter act with other pet walkers with friendly togetherness, but when out with their children they avoid friendly meetings with other people/children, it would be wonderful as some say, we have our cake and eat it too for the good benefit of all.

We’re doing better.

Our lives seems to be locked in a box of unfortunate events that happens too often then what we can keep up with, we get a raise but utilities, clothing, food prices rises, laws against injustices are passed but folks get around them, especially white collar criminals, we have improved technology but don’t trust many of them, we welcome far away people but ignore our neighbors, some oppose abortions but do nothing for needy children, some may be for abortions but not for using sexual protection, some try to disruption relationships of men and women for the benefit of gays or visas versus. Advance towards a good humanly lane without crossing others on their path to grow, survive and live equably.

Help all children have a great future.

While all animals and people deserve meaningful lives with respect and rights, we need to put the best interest for those who have less when we can, children, elderly, unhealthy, poor, uneducated are some of those needing more than raining amounts of money, put more of what money can’t often buy in the lives of our struggling earthly creatures, lead your best life , uphold worthy values that’s safe and sound and dose not affect others in a out of normal way.

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