Bans, Cosmetics , Jewelry and more stuff

Eartha Kitt was one entertaining, soulful, attractive, bold woman, she spoke her truth, when asked if she were ever blackmailed? she answered that she was white mailed/banned doing former president Johnson/ Vietnam years, some bans may need more insight, if they should stay or go, changes in other areas as well need attention, let’s engage some.

Should we ban words ?

Can you think of book(s) or word(s) that should be ban that could make living better?, or might they become more desirable because of a ban?, banning books/words from young readers might help, children can use extra protection from what some adults read or say. No book(s) or words should be ban from adults , they should know how, when and where to use words ( chink, sissy, coon, white trash, mother ****** N-word ) are just some words that may get a adverse reaction if used around certain people, words have meaningful place in history, learning , current and future usages, some words evolve or are not taken as some intended, know your surroundings before letting some words flow from your tongue.

Abuses words often have hateful actions.

Cosmetics, jewelry are multibillion dollar industries in this country, they’re some of the first things you see entering some department stores, viewing commercials, magazines or on celebrities and some young girls even if they’re already adorable. Makeup, jewelry, designer handbags are some of the biggest ripoffs going on in this writer’s opinion, removing funds from purses/wallets of people who likely can use their earnings in more benefiting ways than lining pockets of multi billion brands with what they try to afford, don’t expect diamonds to be your best friend, money spent that leaves one wanting can be hard to recover, save more for your future and thank yourself later.

GG Jersey sweatshirt ($2,100).

One might expect to hear a murder, thief, even a few sales person to lie a-bit, we shouldn’t expect or worse go along with lies/cover up of a group of people who are supposed to represent the values we try to live and raise our children with. The unbelievable amount of lies from too many of our elected officials has run over the point of forgiveness, home grown criminals who terrorized our nation on January 6, getting smack on the hand sentence(s) for acts of terror, the continuing disregard for truth might bring this country to a place that will be hard to recover from, those who are constantly lying in our face must be harness from their hold on public freedom of speech, hold liars responsible as the enemies they are to our daily affairs, don’t let folks wrongly accuse regular folks but ignore or excuse their so called leaders with a pass, we have to do better at supporting truth wherever it is in our lives more than ever, stay focuse up.

Things our parents/grandparents passed down may not be as welcome as they were but are not far off from day to day life. Remember- sticks and stones, empty barrel makes the most – are a past but recurring mental awareness needed now . Upholding true history, sharing beauty that’s within us, investing earnings in things that help make rainey days easier, using meaningful words and actions, not just in passing from different titles- than past decades ago, janitors, custodians to maintenance, mailman, postman to carrier, cop, police to officer, make your best changes in life choices that help lives grow fuller, respectful of our sisters, brothers regardless of self biases, put good actions along with or before good words, give more without expectations of a return with hope of spreading as a large movement that carries goodness near and far.

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