More assaulting, more car jacking, more guns, more shootings, more murders, more tears, protests, rallies, fears, headlines, it keeps happening, it’s heartbreaking to watch some news, what’s a needed solution? Some blaming their troubling life on their parents, folks proudly proclaiming they’re seeing a psychiatrist as if it’s a path every one should take including … Continue reading Issues

Like to read!

🤗🤗🤗🤗 Know someone who likes to read?, your kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids, interested in reality family books, adults, teens cozying up with books like, Crumbs, about some good times and struggling experiences of family living around our nation’s capital city, the world’s most powerful city for many, looking forward to survive, believing hard times don’t … Continue reading Like to read!

Bans, Cosmetics , Jewelry and more stuff

Eartha Kitt was one entertaining, soulful, attractive, bold woman, she spoke her truth, when asked if she were ever blackmailed? she answered that she was white mailed/banned doing former president Johnson/ Vietnam years, some bans may need more insight, if they should stay or go, changes in other areas as well need attention, let’s engage … Continue reading Bans, Cosmetics , Jewelry and more stuff

Sherman Riot: In Texas, lynching historical marker meets resistance – The Washington Post

The battle to approve a historical marker in Sherman, where a horrifying lynching was followed by a devastating riot in 1930, echoes the controversial push in Texas to limit the teaching of racism in public schools. — Read on Keep true history alive.

November 3, 2020

President Donald John Trump , Vice President Michael Richard Pence, Democratic nominee Joseph Robinetta Biden Jr and Senator Kamala Devi Harris will seek to lead this country. Before that, talking heads, so called experts, polls, promises, protests, breaking news will fill our news outlets with prediction maps, communications, charts and more, most predictions were wrong … Continue reading November 3, 2020

Lives, Symbols, Protest and History

Zenors Frudakis sculptor, Philadelphia,PA More protests have/are taking place in wake of yet another white policeman killing of another unarmed black man, are race issues on the correct path of positive changes? some controversial statues have/are coming down, more people of different backgrounds, identities, religions are engaging in conversations, marching and other actions of support … Continue reading Lives, Symbols, Protest and History