Justice Privilege System

Pigmeat Markham, if possible is likely rolling, turning, twisting around in his grave from some of the foul odors from this rotten, sour, hypocrisy, greedy, corrupt, political, privilege, criminal system that gets worse each passing minute in lives of many families. Mr. Markham was a comically performer whom this writer saw and enjoyed doing his youth, one of his skits was as a judge in a court room like setting , some of those who came before his honor, would receive the words guilty!, then he would quickly say, life you son of a gun , which is more correct in some sentencing that happens in cases from those who toy around with our so called justice system with inappropriate terms that’s a sham to many.

Our so called justice system is and has long been drastically wrong toward people of color and poor people, we need to address this fraud system as well as correct past wrongs where possible. Knowing this is not popular with some people until they or someone close to them are accused or sentence, there are numerous documents, testaments, videos, examples showing the disparity in the injustices toward people of color, poor people, past and present , many of those who govern avoid rightful changes continuing a slow and ineffective efforts to solve this long term problem against those who have little input in this system, those who care less about crimes to people other than their family, friends and associates, rule in favor of political, privilege and greed instead of truth and justice.

Guilty, Kenneth Lay, Jeffery Skilling made hundreds of millions a year, convicted of numerous crimes, Skilling served half of his sentence, Lay died shortly after his sentence.

People are becoming more aware and educated on police, lawyers, judges and leaders of this country, that’s not saying all people in charge of law related dealings are inconsistent but certainly too many people, with the mind set of caring for a certain group of people and less with everyone else should improve or be held responsible for their wrongs.

Our system is more of a comic joke that is laughable if it were not deadly serious for many, giving a ( Sholam Weiss) person a release date of November 23, 2724 is a ridiculous waste of common sense but that’s just part of this systems crazy thinking, even if elementary students know it’s not possible, so why state it.

A true sentencing guide that will sentence people equally in similar cases, fairly toward all people that is blind to race, wealth, privilege, political, positions, celebrity or other efforts. People paying millions of dollars for college bribes, millions and get months or a few years of time , people scamming hundreds of people out of life long savings, while many with far less money dealings get worse sentences, truth in sentencing in our so called justice system for similar comparable crimes relative to real life choices and situations.

No person guilty of similar crimes should have a wide divide in sentencing from parole to life without parole, the constant reports of one individual getting parole, as others receive years or get life without parole is unfair, inept and down right needs to be corrected.

If Pigmeat ( Dewey Markham) Markham a actor, singer, dancer and comedian in his song lyrics were closer to right in one line: He’ll give you time both big and small, a pretty small truth in today’s system were mostly the so called small people with few means serve more time as those with large pockets, fame, connections get their way, sure we have some who fall out of favor and get what others get in some cases but most serve plush time.

Corruption in high places from small and large cities, board members, council person, mayors and the last few years many of this current administrations most highly favored folks are slapped with limited sentences. How or why a robber of thousands of dollars likely get ten, twenty years of time and a person who robs hundreds of people in the millions of dollars and gets less years in prison, money and connections that most people don’t have and a system that uncovers their eyes to a certain class of criminal people they favor.

More people are losing confidence and learning of the injustices of this country long and growing injustices , from those in the top who have the means to outlast most debates/cases and get away with sealed deals, what goes around… people are getting fed up with unfair treatment.

Innocence, Kevin Richardson, Antron Mccray, Raymond Santana Jr., Korey Wise, and Yusef Salaam but served six to thirteen years.

People don’t need more studies of how unfair this system is, they know more of its misdealing , they have been in the courts, visit, served, heard, lived and live the injustices past and present, they want and need big time solutions to long time injustices that hinder many for the greed, corrupt, infrastructure that breeds on some unfavorable situations of those with less benefits and privilege of some crooks with an invested control of the scales of false laws they have their fingers on.

Sentencing guidelines differ from state to state, most white collar criminals get a slap on the wrist compared to sentencing to low or mid level criminals , people who may commit crimes other than murder and for far less monetary /property value but get greater time and serve under worsen prison conditions even if white collar criminals do more damage to more people at a greater cost.

Corruption is real and increasing.

Those who are truly committed to rightful laws need to freely support a overhaul of a system that has long been wrongly advertised as for liberty and justice for all without real meaning or actions to a large number of its people, not all but more than enough law enforcement, lawyers, courts, judges and top levels of this country, let’s overhaul and make this so called justice system one that gives fair and similar sentences regardless of color, income, education, position to all of it’s people before the cry no justice no peace and mass actions bring this country shaking and crumbing without rest from the insides out.

Liberty with more incarcerated people than any country in the world.

Give me your tired , your poor, your huddle masses, yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shores , theses, the homeless, tempest- tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

People must wholeheartedly and in mass numbers make changes that really matter, bring this crooked system down and those who benefit from its survival of injustices toward too many people, must come with true equal justice, before the injustices of this system knocks at another door .

In closing, on a very serious and needed subject needing dutiful attention, I close with humor in mind – Why did the picture go to jail? Because it was framed, now smile.

2 thoughts on “Justice Privilege System

  1. Great thoughts Larry. SO many changes are needed. Thanks for laying out you thoughts and insight in a thoughtful and logical way….as always!


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