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Know someone who likes to read?, your kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids, interested in reality family books, adults, teens cozying up with books like, Crumbs, about some good times and struggling experiences of family living around our nation’s capital city, the world’s most powerful city for many, looking forward to survive, believing hard times don’t last forever. A Mom and me day!, a mom and her child having fun, learning , growing freely in love. Letter to my dad, a child seeking a path to a better fatherly relationship. My name is Pisces, a girl striving to keep differences from losing friendships.

Give a gift of reading to yourself, your family, friends, Crumbs or children books, share the joys of engaging in stories of togetherness in learning simple, positive, growth of minds toward improving fellowship with one and another.

Ordering is easy, makes a good read today, or as a holiday gift too!. Greatly appreciated.

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Order now.

Thank you, for your support ! Lawrence King

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