The cycle of Illegal and some legal drugs continues destroying families black and white alike , some massive drug companies have results and respect for only the bottom line of their colossal greed taking in over two hundred billion dollars a year, giving little or nothing back to help care for people suffering from drug addiction. Some top levels of government put more interest and concerns outside of this country , when they are elected to serve people in this country. People are dying from drug use at a greater rate than all the U.S. involved wars since World War Two.

In the eighties and nineties, crack destroy many in mostly poor and black neighborhoods many people died, many people were put in prisons, many families suffered, some in public office ridiculed them, referring to people suffering with addiction as users of a drug of their own choosing, refusing to even consider addiction as a disease as now most do for today’s growing number of drug addicted users.

Drug companies are not hiding behind a unknown mask, some wear white coats, as open criminals causing deaths of many. West Virginia is one of a fast growing number of states that has been flooded with opioids across the mountaineer state , from the capital city of Charleston to Boone, Cabral, Kanaeha and Huntington counties , more than 81 opioid prescriptions for every 100 persons, above the U.S. average of about 59 per 100 persons. Companies where few if any go to prison for over prescribing drugs , sometimes companies may be fined with a large sounding number that in reality compared to their huge wealth of profits is little more than a slap on the wrist, or a moving traffic violation ticket to the average person .

The top partners of killing people with drugs in this country are some out of control pharmacy companies filling orders of addiction with greed, they need to hear the voices and sting of all people to improve their operations or get long term jail sentences. Crooked lawyers, politicians, doctors, pharmacies, dealers and anyone else, in dealings that’s causing the loss of life over this epidemic need to be in prison ASAP.

We are deceived if paying too much attention to headlines about El Chapo , Rayfor Edmonds or other so called kingpins getting or doing prison time, while somewhat good it’s a small drop in the bucket to others who are never sent to prison and continue the flow of making more victims of addiction, violence , destruction and deaths of too many sons, daughters, mothers and fathers from the vast careless greed of groups and individuals who never get to serve prison time, long prison time.

Opioids are what’s making news more often now as some in our government and some companies make huge profits for addiction, it appears once small and large drug peddlers are slowed , companies move in , taking control as with numbers, sex and drugs the white collar, white coats, millionaires peddle their way in, well suited with ill suited intentions to grow fields of wasted lives for huge profits , they find ways to legalize what people were raided, fined and jail for but now it’s top dollars and in some cases blood money to those who are not caring for lives of people, ruining lives of some families when an overdose occurs, but don’t worry they now have a (Narcan) drug that can bring them back, giving them another chance in some cases to die again, do cats have nine lives ?.

Cocaine, Crack, Heroin, Hydrocodone, PCP, LSD, Ketamine are some drugs use by those who may end up arrested, in prison, or dead. People who have the means to exploit illegal drug users to overdose and in some cases gain more users, nearly 75% of overdose deaths are teens, some stores selling drug supplies were certain drugs are illegal does not help but encourage some experiencing minds more.

Those who own vehicles use to bring large amounts of illegal drugs into our country and communities are often not hit were it hurts the most , drug problems will only grow until those at the top of illegal drugs start to get long prison sentences, few care, because money is of more value than life when it comes to drugs in enough drug companies, we know all pharmacies companies are not involved in being today’s biggest pusher, but some are doing more harm than any group of boys standing on a corner seeking buyers who don’t control the runners, ships or planes.

Some of the largest amounts of opioids are manufactured by companies like SpecGX and Actavis, distributed by Cardinal Health, McKesson and CVS throughout the DMV area and many states , Grubbs in Washington, DC, Drug City in Maryland and Family Discount in Virginia are pharmacists pushing more than what is needed, more information for your area can be located in the July 18, Washington Post, where you can easily check your area, spread the word and help save a life, you may click their site-

Store prescription drugs in a safe place, use drugs responsibly , keep drugs away from children, teens and unreasonable people.

Update…. 8/29/19

Johnson and Johnson is fine $576 million dollars for their role in opioids abuse.

That’s a slap on the wrist, it’s similar to $576 dollars fine for a person making around eighty one thousand dollars a year, that’s laughable if it were not so sad. The amount of money these companies have can let them get away with murdering people with drugs.

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  1. Larry, As always, you are right on target. It was hard to read this without getting gtears in my eyes. Death from drugs impacts everyone. I know you know about my nephew, Chris Hall….still unsolved, but I also lost another nephew (also named Chris) to a drug overdose…opioid, 4 years ago. Somehow it has to stop. Love to you Larry.

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