Back To School

One of the most marvelous things to witness and experience in ones life time is the joys and curiosity in the faces of young children who are eager, engage and excited to learn and explore new things, enjoy those transient wonders. Getting an early start in good education is what every child needs and should have, a few kids starting school for the first time may find the first day or several days uncomfortable, some may cry for a while, it’s not always easy to let go of ones mommy or daddy , going into a large school building, seeing hundreds of strange faces, being left in the care of someone other than ones parents, the first few days can be intimidating , but most children quickly adjust joining their classmates in the joys of class room learning, singing songs , playing games, coloring pictures, learning sounds, saying the ABC’s , counting and of course some recess time or play time.

Back to school , making some new friends , earning the start toward a path to ones future career starts along a seemingly long, uncertain path of crayons, paper, pencils, pens, homework, lap tops, tests, grades, and constantly enjoying learning and improving in body and mind, trying to make good times lead to better times.

As a child doing elementary school this writer was like a few kids, not wanting to see the back to school signs lining store front windows along the commercial streets in his neighborhood or even the newspaper ads, wanting the fun of summer to go on and on. Learning is a whole new world of opening children eyes, ears and minds of our coming of age to being doctors, teachers, founders, astronauts, owners of businesses, our next generation of successful minds may share and bring more of their culture closer together from a small community to a wider world in ways we may not be able to imagine, but that’s a ways off, for now paper, crayons, A B C’s , songs, friendships and lots of learn, learn, learn.

School life can be slanted in early development of kids to gain their best, children need a healthy breakfast, nurturing family and all the support they can get to avoid falling far behind quickly, families living near or below the poverty line can be under toxic stress that may hinder their children early development, schools don’t all offer the same proper learning programs that are equal in providing the best course for every child, some parents are able to get a better start in education with better resources in certain areas than other parents, it’s still a struggle to get all schools on a level field as it is sometimes in our daily lives, it’s extra important to give children with a lack of neighborhood services more opportunities to help keep them on pace through out their school life.

A few children, like this writer may experience attending lots of different elementary schools with little or no breakfast and other hardships of a one parent or both parents struggling to make ends meet, children have to have their best start in good schools working together with parents can accomplish a suitable path in early childhood learning and continuing forward to a meaningful life. It’s necessary for all children to get the best with attentive parents, good nutrition, tools of learning and this may not be popular anymore, but personal experience to have their silent prayer above public allegiance to material symbols.

Children in good schools offers the best in early togetherness and understanding with people will go a long way toward enjoying places, things and people in life, having true and equal access to all learning tools available and using them is what back to school should be about.

Hopefully the well being and safety for all children can and will make learning at its best and back to school days more welcoming to all, don’t forget to thank a teacher this school year as often as you can.

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