Trash 45

Our 2020 election is over, things should change from the past false, faulty, frightening four years for people of goodwill , the name calling, tax laws, disregarding health concerns, silents on injustices, people affected negative by the lack of progress from elected/appointed officials who are to serve those with the most needs.

Actions over words does more.

The hypocrisy of people claiming to have family values, law, order, concerns for unborn, education, hard work, making this country great are some ungodly hypocrites, these hypocrites don’t vote for one nation under God, but for a few corrupt, greedy, lying politicians to maintain their stocks on the back of people who are struggling in maintaining a normal family life, increasingly revolving in debt, health issues, insufficient funds, survival as some people continue devaluing them because they don’t look or fit into their privilege thoughts, but are happy with them satisfying their daily needs.

Those who think life before the sixties were of white picket fences, two children, car, dog, a job, neighbors who acted and looked like them are some of the distress MAGA faint fans, supporting a pathetic liar who demoralize women, groups of humans, use foul language without regards to children, accuses those who disagree with him, is silent on a leader who plot/kill our young men and women who serve our country, avoid paying his taxes, friendly with known sex offenders, cheats people, called for death of innocent youngsters, lies about a virus, encouraged unhealthy behavior, accusations of rape/ sexual assault by many women, impeached, down grades allies, racist, discriminatory, draft dodger, business failures, divider, hate spreader, quested education, no courage, spineless, lifeless, lowly, loser, with limited time in the people’s house.

In the race toward the 2016 elections, people repeatedly warn about this pathetic lair, those in his own backward party who ran against him, sadly most of them reversed and kissed loyalty to his ego after he was elected, the foolish little Rubio from Florida, the rambling Santorum of Pennsylvania, the sly, lying , traitor Lindsey of South Carolina , the cunning Mitch Moscow, speaker of stop and other politicians jump on the pathetic liar’s destruction of the country. At present dozens of business are boarded up in the nation’s capital, with miles of fencing around blocks of this egregious loser hiding out in the people’s house.

Warned by former President, Vice President, Secretary of State and others that he was unfit for office of the President of the United States, it was written, video, recorded, told, seen, heard, known, this so called orange man was one of the worst of worse to lead this country. People who held their warp beliefs of what MAGA should be, came out of their hidden selves to join and proudly show up to support hate, abuse, lies, corruption, most things not for Unity, gave their votes to a devilish body of lies.

People surrounding this pathetic liar , chain their mind and loss heart, from some common folks to greedy learned lawyers, selfish politicians, to some of the poorest of the poor proudly worn their beliefs on their misconceptions of self privilege of power over humans they believe are less than them.

The act of not conceding his loss, should awaken his faint followers to regain their lack of human morals, do the right thing, oppose him. Those who put the economy over health, equality and lives are a waste to themselves. It’s of little use to express what this country needs going forward to regain its place before the pathetic lair came golfing more than most Presidents, it’s good to know we don’t need those who were his top group of failures or remaining faint fans, get rid of the red caps, renew your minds, know there is a world of color around you that you’re learn to respect if you desire to live for a better future.

You’re part of the problem if you support them.

The people who voted for one who lied about his inauguration crowd, his winning the popular vote, releasing his taxes, the border wall, John McCain’s choice bill, the whistleblower, troop numbers in Syria , dishwashers, seeing thousands of people cheering in New Jersey when the trade centers came down, the coronavirus would soon go away, the pandemic is under control, children are immune to COVID-19, first raises for military families in ten years, those are a few of the tens of thousands of lies. People who criticize the former First Lady Michelle Obama for wearing sleeveless dresses, her color by some fools, but dismissive of First Lady Melina’s nude photos, plagiarism, her lying husband are responsible for this failed fairytale of a unreliable, untrustworthy, unaccountable President, his gang , his losing fans, good night, wake up from this failed nightmare and work to make better.

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