Christmas time

This is a marvelous time of the year to most people, especially children, as a child it was some of the greatest time of the year, the pure thoughts of believing in things away from some day to day norms …. It was the night before Christmas, Santa Clause , he knows if you’re good or bad, stories of peace on earth goodwill to men, the bright colorful lights, Christmas songs we sang while riding on a bus with my third grade elementary class through parts of the city, large holiday decorations filled windows of the downtown department stores, counting down the days to Christmas, feeling the wonderment and excitement in the crisp winter air, those moments have mostly stayed with me from years ago to be shared with some young and old with twinkling eyes, young of hearts and dreams beyond our daily lives.

As a young person without much to give , my excitement remained high, dissatisfaction were short lived, then it was on to looking toward the next Christmas. People who didn’t celebrate, enjoy or cared for the holidays time of the year were foreign to me then, all I knew were thoughts of good tidings, things of good feelings don’t leave your heart often, while long past those days of far, seeing, engaging in joyful times with young and the not so young remains dear to me. There has/are troubling times throughout our lives, wars, injustices, family and personal matters but hopes and joys continues for the love of giving and sharing joyous feelings with our family, friends anytime heartfelt moments and welcoming chances are near any time of the year.

Happy holidays comes in many fashions in different ways from smiles, kind words, good deeds and other acts of goodwill. Christmas to many is one of the reasons to honor their beliefs, a time when people with different views may not always agree but hope remains in today’s difficult atmosphere. There is another side of the holidays, the side of distress, sadness, homelessness , hunger and just another day in the lives of some people as there is in life , the haves should do as much as possible to help the needy , those who are our brothers and sisters invisible to some, these humans will be around as they have been from the early beginnings, especially doing this time when many are having more difficulties than usual.

Hopefully, if you’re doing better than most or even struggling to make things better, you’re able to enjoy this time of the season and spread some joy to someone near or far. Merry Christmas, happy holidays.

Let’s do our best to share goodwill this Christmas and beyond, Peace.

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