Open letter

Greetings, my site has some blog(s) that have become under review, suspended, referred as hateful by some. Facebook/Next door, reasons state – My post goes against our community standards on hate… post (may) contain graphic content, this post (may) contain spam, Nextdoor – your account temporarily disabled for (violation) of their community guidelines . My reposting of a article that’s over 3 years (6/8/2019) old, the article title with three words, their definition according to Webster dictionary are: sexual or romantically attracted exclusively to people of one’s own sex or gender. A person who indulges in hypocrisy. A contentious term for a Black or dark-skin person. My article gave some thoughts on those words.

In a past article from my blog (11/25/21) site title: Bans, cosmetics, jewelry and more stuff, this writer stated in brief: No book(s) or word(s) should be ban from adults, they should know how, when and where to use words, the full article is on my blog site. The right of companies to do what they think is correct, the right of people to hold companies accountable when they think they’re incorrect is a greater right, without people there are no companies, let truths wins.

Some folks have become too sensitive, are blogs, news, photos too graphic?, are suspensions, banning things that some people who say one thing and do another worth people losing rights to read/view, share and comment, because of maybe offending, if folks choose to read /view? , is censor for what people choose legally as adults to view/read?.


The rising efforts of some in banning truths/ freedoms because of feelings of some who may entitled their lack of facts/knowledge as an offense to themselves, should true history/ experiences be altered because of their being too sensitive?, some know of seeing breaking television news of the 1963 killing of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas without warning of graphic images, news of the beatings of civil rights persons or the Kent State shootings/ killings, images of the war in Vietnam, Rodney King, mass killings of schoolchildren, now we are having to be warned/ disabled or suspect for freedoms of expression our experiences/thoughts, silence for words, images or blogs to pleased and polish some of what may be offensive, may be. A picture is worth a thousand words, some say, screen shots that can show the long reach to keep certain views that may not offend are troubling.

Support public television, their documentaries/reporting helps to keep many truths alive, too sensitive folks some with hateful, racist, bombing, discrimination, killings, lynchings, murder in their line history are some of the sensitive hypocrites when/if certain truths cracks their self claim of superior in their mirror image.

Fault for disagreement/replies?

When polished history, bans of books, words, speech override freedoms of true expression /experiences our all ready weaken justice system fails those who are truer than liars, greed, bans and acts of terror rises. Laws, rules can and most do control a flow of most freedoms, people that slow, disrupt impose, stop freedoms with unrealistic maybes to life matters disrupt the flow unless we rise against it, don’t censor free speech, keep truths alive.

Thank you.

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