Police, your thoughts

One day soon, you may witness a few children nearby stop from their playing/small talk as a police car cruise by their street, the children wave half heartily, one child says, I don’t want those police ever getting me, they kill people, another group of children sees a police cruiser passing by, they wave a … Continue reading Police, your thoughts


It’s difficult to blog about something good when there’s so much wrong, bad, terrible, hatefulness in and around us these days. Well there’s good food, good styles, good jokes, good babies, good animals and stuff that have good vibes, but things that are mostly getting attention and affecting a broader inner notice on our life, … Continue reading Goodness


More assaulting, more car jacking, more guns, more shootings, more murders, more tears, protests, rallies, fears, headlines, it keeps happening, it’s heartbreaking to watch some news, what’s a needed solution? Some blaming their troubling life on their parents, folks proudly proclaiming they’re seeing a psychiatrist as if it’s a path every one should take including … Continue reading Issues

Drum Major

When this writer began hearing about MLKJr., as a teen he was not too interested , growing up in largely neighborhoods of negros as we were called then and of what i’d heard from some people, news, friends or my own inner soul , some adults were saying: Why march to be Integrated with people … Continue reading Drum Major