History truths

Some schools have or are being compel to limit teaching parts of true history. Virginia’s newly sworn in governor and other leader’s/groups around the country should learn, you can’t run from truth(s) for long, teaching what is known to be misleading, false or plain out lies about history will be a no gainer. Parents supporting historical lies attach their children to conspiracy of false unwarranted views they don’t need, deserve or want, people want to discover instead of being loss, miseducated or lied too.

People should ambitiously support schools teaching truths, teachers in elementary levels can reasonably go along with talking dogs, flying cows or skating elephants in early education, but grown folks shouldn’t encourage, support or subccum to fake news, lies or internet misinformation, we need reality more than fairytales of a polish up history.

Small steps for millions.

Most people reading this are aware of abuses words, objects hurled at blacks (negro’s) mostly before the seventies , some are aware of Jim Crow laws, women suffrage, and some untaught parts of true history against people, nations, color or creed , we should teach our great and terrible history as it happened, the good, the bad, the ugly, regardless of offending those in denial, uphold our history truths and improve the weakness where it exists.

Governor’s like Virginia’s misguided, clone of divide, wanting to blind students from true history that most will learn sooner or later in their social lives and search for facts , will benefit from truths over effort’s to slow or pause development of expanding minds on this country’s history, just movements for betterment of our continuing journey forward, that some wish to hold back, parents who have students in middle/high schools should educate them early of true history, support and help teachers do their job teaching true history.

Let lies settle and truths rise.

School districts should want history taught from truths, not false discovery, not slave owners, not political liars or biases parents point of view but view(s) from known truths that’s available more now than before to benefit, learn, work and earn a better life for people.


Sadly there’s some lack of good common sense and a growing rush of a few misleading politicians, media and online sites drawing attention to troubling lies that some folks are left in a daze of mindless distraction that if not control with meaningful changes may be overrun with lies disregarding known truths, that is a dangerous road people will struggle finding a clear and enlighten way from to become victors instead of victim’s of a huge history of lies.


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