More assaulting, more car jacking, more guns, more shootings, more murders, more tears, protests, rallies, fears, headlines, it keeps happening, it’s heartbreaking to watch some news, what’s a needed solution?

Some blaming their troubling life on their parents, folks proudly proclaiming they’re seeing a psychiatrist as if it’s a path every one should take including the shrink, women/men claiming they can do better without each other, over medicating young children over a headache, a not so good school day, hateful names over the internet, sobbing over body weight, over using makeup, jumping on the abuse wagon, if someone looks at you, are we too sensitive?.

A day doesn’t go by that something happens that may question one’s belief’s. It’s a wonderful ( Louis Armstrong) world, it still really is , but the growing worsening actions of humans should cause pausing for concern of how wonderful, especially in large cities were we live, work and play, sometimes no place seems safe.

Change the mindset.

Increase killings, car jacking, robberies, human trafficking, lie’s, greed, drugs, thefts, bomb threats, growing rise in disrespect of people by other people, online bullies, news of Lady thrown off bus, man fatally kills multiple people, jogger rape, child kidnapped, racist slurs, infant slain, people hating people. Blaming parents , there are/were some bad, parenting folks, are we the better or worse from them or do we need a truer, deeper sense of ourselves for our actions or lack of actions.

The larger majority of good common sense people don’t do the horrible acts of murder, abuse, rape or other serious crimes, but the overall outrage/concern seems lagging on those who do, either out of fear, some fear can be understandable with the increasing use of guns/violence, few throw hands in disputes now, is there less parents love and disregard of good guidance?, are children given more and doing less in good behaviors?, we like to think our children are the best, it’s those other children that’s doing wrong, many fear teens, can’t say anything to correct them as most grandparents likely did decades a go, today too many parents fear children.

The few bad apples, you know what you’re heard, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water, most parents/grandparents knew something more , let’s take in some of their knowledge before it’s worse., we don’t have to avoid all of todays name experts, who state- time out, don’t hit, hugs etc., we can used/encourage some of the values from our parents that may be tagged as too extreme today , a shake, slap, sensible tough life conversation may help too, better sooner than too late.

We need laws that’s not too complex for average people not ones lawyer’s find loopholes for guilty persons, people who commit the worse crime (murder) should serve time that includes teens, murders must pay the time for the crime they committed weather they’re homeless or a corporate head, justice should be blind and right.

We rightly call for more police walking our neighborhoods, many still cruising by, we call for stronger laws, criminals don’t obey, read or care about laws, we call for more after school activities, most children are glued to electronic games, we call for less guns, more guns are in children hands, manufacturers/ congress moves in slow motion, using hypocrisy while reaping benefits. Remember, when it was asked on news program , it’s ten o’clock, do you know where your children are?, increasing crime by younger people should be alarming to all, let’s get to possible solutions.

Mindfulness of good togetherness.

Sadly the best solution will take the most time and is the most needed, I’ll save that for last, here are some , try before you denied them , in no certain order- Adults, do what you know is right around children, children don’t do things your parents/guardian might be ashamed of, parents don’t always spar the rod, kids you sometimes may need a old fashioned butt whooping, parents don’t be your children best friend, children make good friends, not too many on line. No one should dismiss that we have a whole lot more good children who are doing good things, headed for a meaningful future in life, be aware of those bad apples who may ruin your worth. Changing/improving the mindset of all to respect the property of others and cherish your life and the life of other humans are the most important common sense tools to lessen our growing crime, but will take the longest to achieve, but have to be constantly repeated in homes, schools, play and work.

More good than bad children.

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