Police, your thoughts

One day soon, you may witness a few children nearby stop from their playing/small talk as a police car cruise by their street, the children wave half heartily, one child says, I don’t want those police ever getting me, they kill people, another group of children sees a police cruiser passing by, they wave a bit more excited one child says those police protect us from bad people.

A group of young people standing near a corner in their neighborhood, laughing/talking sees a police cruiser passing by, one says those cops out for someone to beat up on, I use to wave when I was a kid, can’t stand them now, another group not far away sees a police cruiser passing by, some nod and one says, man, I’m thinking about joining, after graduation, been thinking about that since I was a kid and used to wave as they passed by.

Protect and serve

Some married couples engage in conversations in a front yard as a police cruise by, they briefly look at the police, than one say to the others, if they would only get out and walk sometimes , crime wouldn’t be as bad, blocks away some other married people in their yard, sees a police car cruise by, they look then one says to the others, it’s good to see them in the neighborhood it sure helps to slow crimes.

A few elderly folks sitting on their front porch sees a police car cruise by, they look eagerly, one says to the others, I wonder who they’re looking for?, another answer well there an’t no donuts stores around here, not far away some elderly folks sitting on the front porch sees a police car cruise by, one says to the others, those boys have it tough fighting crime, another says you couldn’t pay me enough to do that work.

Constantly do a good job.

Police jobs are like similar to some other occupations that we come in contact with doing our life time, some help form different opinions likely because of what types of bad or good interactions we have with them, what we’re seen, heard or learned. Like us, flaws may/can lead to tragic especially when weapons are involved, having stupid flaws with authority, force, weapons usually can make a common situation turn to a life/ lives or death(s) quickly sometimes, the more authorities, force, weapon’s the more one should be held accountable for doing good or bad, no matter whom you are from the corporate president, the principle to the cafeteria workers, lawyers to the police do your job with honesty, respect, pride and care for those you serve. Some jobs have little interaction with people, some work the graveyard shift, others are in constant interaction with people, bus drivers, receptionist, teachers, people working to serve the public , the impressions they leave can last a life time, as in most things in life be good consistent in doing your job, what ever it may be, try to leave a lasting good impression.

Some people will think even more now as to what to do when flashing lights/siren comes on behind them, some children, women, men, especially men of color will/maybe even more fearful. Thirty two years ago , a most brutal beating captured on film and seen by nearly everyone, then this year another nearly mirrored image beating by those who are to protect and serve, lord knows how many more such brutality we haven’t seen by men in blue. These inhumane act will affect the lives of many moving forward and effect the way some see a cruiser passing by their street.

We can all do better to help make this country better, those with the most authoritative voices must act and do their jobs as well or better than those they serve in all regions of their life to cause real change, do your job(s) better, and yes most reasonable people know most of the men and women in blue do.


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