Pink, Red or White?

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mother’s . Happy Mother’s Day to all with motherly souls, spreading the love and joys with little commercially input, with lots of hugs, joys, rewarding togetherness is well deserving when spending time with mother on a day specially to support, honor, bestow the great value of what it takes/took to … Continue reading Pink, Red or White?

Open letter

Greetings, my site has some blog(s) that have become under review, suspended, referred as hateful by some. Facebook/Next door, reasons state - My post goes against our community standards on hate… post (may) contain graphic content, this post (may) contain spam, Nextdoor - your account temporarily disabled for (violation) of their community guidelines . My … Continue reading Open letter

Police, your thoughts

One day soon, you may witness a few children nearby stop from their playing/small talk as a police car cruise by their street, the children wave half heartily, one child says, I don’t want those police ever getting me, they kill people, another group of children sees a police cruiser passing by, they wave a … Continue reading Police, your thoughts


It’s difficult to blog about something good when there’s so much wrong, bad, terrible, hatefulness in and around us these days. Well there’s good food, good styles, good jokes, good babies, good animals and stuff that have good vibes, but things that are mostly getting attention and affecting a broader inner notice on our life, … Continue reading Goodness


More assaulting, more car jacking, more guns, more shootings, more murders, more tears, protests, rallies, fears, headlines, it keeps happening, it’s heartbreaking to watch some news, what’s a needed solution? Some blaming their troubling life on their parents, folks proudly proclaiming they’re seeing a psychiatrist as if it’s a path every one should take including … Continue reading Issues

Drum Major

When this writer began hearing about MLKJr., as a teen he was not too interested , growing up in largely neighborhoods of negros as we were called then and of what i’d heard from some people, news, friends or my own inner soul , some adults were saying: Why march to be Integrated with people … Continue reading Drum Major


This 2023

Many people usually began New Years looking/planning forward, some wanting to leave most of their past behind. Maybe a more reasonable start is to go back , way back to the womb, a bit before their birthday to embark on a longer journey to your coming future. When thinking of one’s birthday, one should think … Continue reading This 2023

Like to read!

🤗🤗🤗🤗 Know someone who likes to read?, your kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids, interested in reality family books, adults, teens cozying up with books like, Crumbs, about some good times and struggling experiences of family living around our nation’s capital city, the world’s most powerful city for many, looking forward to survive, believing hard times don’t … Continue reading Like to read!

Children, Dogs, Gays

Times have/is showing another life change than what was and now is. People, animals have long been a main focus in our day to day lives even as we may want to believe things that we can’t actually see or touch are the first things that endears us to life. Love is big key to … Continue reading Children, Dogs, Gays

Bad, before MJ’s

There are some bad kids , bad teens, bad young adults, bad adults and even bad seniors especially some of those in power who have influence over a lot of things in our lives , yes there are some very bad people. Even so we must be very careful as some elders would say: Don’t … Continue reading Bad, before MJ’s

History truths

Some schools have or are being compel to limit teaching parts of true history. Virginia’s newly sworn in governor and other leader’s/groups around the country should learn, you can’t run from truth(s) for long, teaching what is known to be misleading, false or plain out lies about history will be a no gainer. Parents supporting … Continue reading History truths

Bans, Cosmetics , Jewelry and more stuff

Eartha Kitt was one entertaining, soulful, attractive, bold woman, she spoke her truth, when asked if she were ever blackmailed? she answered that she was white mailed/banned doing former president Johnson/ Vietnam years, some bans may need more insight, if they should stay or go, changes in other areas as well need attention, let’s engage … Continue reading Bans, Cosmetics , Jewelry and more stuff


The up rise of murder continues in mostly large cities like LA, Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, NY and my hometown of DC., news coverage, headlines, top officials, revolving the same old recycle statements, families, mostly tearful women sobbing over a young life loss way too soon, people talking of what a shame it is, how bad … Continue reading Killings

Women by and by

Not allowed to vote, not allowed banking accounts in their name, not allowed for certain jobs, not allowed equal pay, not allowed ownership. Rising from some sofas to director chairs, from job seekers to job hirers, from candidates to the Vice President, women especially black and women of color still have struggles from powerful controlling … Continue reading Women by and by

Sherman Riot: In Texas, lynching historical marker meets resistance – The Washington Post

The battle to approve a historical marker in Sherman, where a horrifying lynching was followed by a devastating riot in 1930, echoes the controversial push in Texas to limit the teaching of racism in public schools. — Read on Keep true history alive.

Anniversary # 2

April 30, 2019, Nonexistent was my first blog post, about a terrible, fast rising mental health disease with no known cure. Many things have happened since, Alzheimer’s continues to increase, Corvid 19 has claimed many lives and continues it’s highs and lows, elections truths and denials make headlines, I’ve blog good and bad news, mass … Continue reading Anniversary # 2

Christmas time

This is a marvelous time of the year to most people, especially children, as a child it was some of the greatest time of the year, the pure thoughts of believing in things away from some day to day norms .... It was the night before Christmas, Santa Clause , he knows if you’re good … Continue reading Christmas time

Trash 45

Our 2020 election is over, things should change from the past false, faulty, frightening four years for people of goodwill , the name calling, tax laws, disregarding health concerns, silents on injustices, people affected negative by the lack of progress from elected/appointed officials who are to serve those with the most needs. Actions over words … Continue reading Trash 45


Ruth Bader Ginsberg aka notorious RBG , succumb to a fight with cancer, it’s reported she expressed her desire that she would like the next president to select her replacement, peoples last desires may not get what they want, life rotates on with little thoughts of ones desires. 1933 - 2000 Political parties are battling … Continue reading RBG +