Bad, before MJ’s

There are some bad kids , bad teens, bad young adults, bad adults and even bad seniors especially some of those in power who have influence over a lot of things in our lives , yes there are some very bad people. Even so we must be very careful as some elders would say: Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water or watch out because one bad apple can spoil the bunch.

Who’s bad?

It could be better if bad people were some what like the bad in Michael Jackson’s title album or the bad in Ali’s ( I’m a bad man) but the unlikeable bad folks are the bad we need to rid from the city streets and the halls of our nation capital, take a firm stand toward making the majority of people who are good not great or perfect but generally good people, who greatly outnumber the worse of bad people to be more committed to reducing dangerous behavior, guns, drugs, murder, greed, lies and other bad injustices some human’s do, children unfortunately are in a environment where life around them are more toxic than several decades ago, teens have easier means to gain access to weapons, drugs , violence as adults struggle to gain control of what seems a weakling of wise engagement in correcting some unacceptable acts in behavioral not only in younger folks but in some so called grown folks who need to be better.

There’s a bad we like, a bad we desire and a bad we need to gain, most people who have guns are not killing people, most elected officials are not hurting people, most people aren’t lying people, we need to take action against, those who misrepresent, lie, divide , those who rob, scam, cheat , murder people . We know the worst badness has been around for a long time, we know it’s increasing in many areas, we know anyone of us could be caught in a unwanted bad situation almost at anytime. There’s no instant cure but we need to act more aggressively in our hearts, homes, neighborhoods and beyond to slow the rising acts of kidnapping, carjacking, human abuses and murders that is happening in and around in our lives, this is not preaching, not useless advice, not speculating, it’s what we should not become too relax about, check your heart, your home and see where you maybe are able to act against this unwanted bad before the wrong kind of bad behavior gets to you.

Bad for the good.

More of the bad we can respect, the bad we can admire, the bad we can become to help make a better world with actions small and large , from kind words to firm but fair punishment where and when needed in all places high and low, the likes of those past and present like the freedom riders who put their lives on the line, different races working together for human rights, the Fannie Mae Hammers, that bad can help a lot, you have some of that bad in you?, the cool bad of Miles, the hot bad of Eartha Kidd or the courageous bad of the Black Panthers, John Pierre Burr , you got some bad?.

We shouldn’t see, hear, speak no bad or just shake our heads and do nothing when the worse or even some mild bad occurs to us or around us, more and more we must directly or indirectly do something to keep bad from becoming the bad that causes harm to our property, family, friends and neighbor’s be on the right side of bad that helps make all our lives better, try harder to help out when and where you can by making it bad for those bad guys that don’t know …. you’re bad.

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