Ruth Bader Ginsberg aka notorious RBG , succumb to a fight with cancer, it’s reported she expressed her desire that she would like the next president to select her replacement, peoples last desires may not get what they want, life rotates on with little thoughts of ones desires.

1933 – 2000

Political parties are battling to get what they want to hopefully control their views for decades to come, most people know our government has different views on most things depending on which party is in office, after the death of the last United States Supreme Court Justice in twenty sixteen, about nine months before the twenty sixteen presidential elections, the majority controlling party did not want the sitting president’s pick for the Supreme Court seat to get a hearing, saying the up coming election should be decided by the voting people to pick the Supreme Court justice, they withheld voting on our president choice.

With less than two months before voting to choose our next president, the ruling party, the senate leader of the ruling party are saying they want to get their choice approve before the next president is voted on. We live increasingly where the thing that matters is what suits whose in power without what may benefit the will of people or what’s forthright, more and more there is little true engagement to seek a good common ground, effect what can make life better for those most in need, some people are harden in their acceptance of equal treatment, even if it hurts them more knowingly or unknowingly supporting things out of the mouths of some politicians seeking to maintain their perks and not the interest of the voters, be a wiser voter.

A lifetime appointment.

The next Supreme Court justice, no matter who makes the pick should be a person who is true to the greater needs of people , to our country, not to one party or president, a lifetime appointment deserves no less, a unjust justice system that does not support equal justice for all people deserves a true overhaul, it can begin with putting matters for truth over lies , voters need to overwhelmingly vote their truths, for equal justice to people regardless of their party, race, faith, income, upholding laws fairly than it has been, the long slow journey to justice has not yet been met, the political difference of a new justice must fulfill goals and not hinder what Ms. Ginsberg stood for , improving especially women lives, it’s sad equal pay, work equality, justice for women and people of color still exists before and after RBG arrived at the highest court in the land.

We are living where honor, statures, words are nearly useless, without real effective action behind them, we need to remember fully by putting actions behind words of those before us and currently in positions that are suppose to be our servants of justice, uphold words with well meaning actions that demand and change wrongs …. Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will …. Tremendous amounts of talent are being lost to society just because …. You can not shake hands with a …. No one can make you feel inferior without …. The greatest danger to our future …. I’ve learned that making a living is not the same as …. Do to others as you would have …. let’s do more by learning to move words to true actions for the better good, have love for humans above hate, avoid fake news and hypocrisy, put yourself towards the good of all humans, be honest to your image , try walking in other people shoes, think before speaking harshly, before criticism of other people , I’ve seen some critical comments of RBG, no one is perfect. if you can’t finish most of the above quotes try to learn more, work harder on yourself, to the good of Africans, Asians, Jews, Muslims, all humans, just maybe more of us might accomplish some of what RBG and others people of goodwill accomplish, laboring for the best in all of us. Rest In Peace RGB.

Let’s be better.

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