November 3, 2020

President Donald John Trump , Vice President Michael Richard Pence, Democratic nominee Joseph Robinetta Biden Jr and Senator Kamala Devi Harris will seek to lead this country. Before that, talking heads, so called experts, polls, promises, protests, breaking news will fill our news outlets with prediction maps, communications, charts and more, most predictions were wrong in the 2016 election. Reading, listening, viewing doing this unusual elections world wind of reports ahead of time can be a exhausting task, months, weeks, days hours before all votes are in, things can happen to alter who we want, choose or vote for. While this election for some people may appear to be a slam dunk for their favorite person, don’t be too fast on that train of thought, within a short period, people’s minds may move on one or two late factors in this election race to the White House, trying to predict a winner month’s before polls are even open, before votes are counted, maybe more than what even this writer of crumbs from my mind can accomplish, don’t forget the ever presents of interfering from outside sources and corruption here, but read on for my results before you dismiss this blog.

First White House photo.

Who wins?, is what this blog will be about, not tearing down, not rehashing past news, not name calling, not expressing personal favorite, not expressing hate, not leaning one way or the other, just the final prediction because no one absolutely knows for sure what will happen, hopefully we the people will have the final judgement come November third, twenty-twenty.

I will state a few opinions first about elections/ political stuff you may or may not agree with, hopefully you honestly respect my choice to write my mindful thoughts – 1. There should be better overall quality of contenders for the Oval Office than what we have. 2. The percentage of eligible voters who vote won’t reach 59% , there are about ten countries with better voting turnouts including our neighbors to our (70%) north. 3. No president in the history of this country, has truly done enough for true justice, equality, freedom equally for all people. 4. Contenders for President say and have grand plans but most problems of today are problems Presidents and those seeking the Oval Office ran on decades ago, jobs, taxes, education, economy, equality, budgets, foreign affairs, shouldn’t those things be much better by now?.

The electoral counts.

Back to the November 2020 presidential election. The key states of Florida , Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin are must wins, southern states are not likely to move from where they have voted in the last few elections, women remain the key votes for the winner, a large turnout, over fifty seven percent can likely favor a different path forward.

Ladies and gentlemen, after a contentious year of unemployment, police concerns, Corvid 19, deaths, demonstrations, truths and lies, the people have spoken and the final results are in , here are the results with all precincts reporting, here are the electoral voting numbers for the next President of the United States of America, that is similar to what you may hear before you get the final words on who is the winner, the most popular votes will likely be in agreement with the electoral votes this year.

Will the VP gender change?.

There are some places where the votes will be tight in states like Florida , Ohio and Virginia, California, District of Columbia and Delaware results will be wide margins, northern coastal states will largely vote differently than the southern states, far western states will vote mostly like the northeast states, our country overall change will be slow in turning more than a few states to the winning person.

Ok so much for the read up to what you want to know, remember no one knows what will absolutely happen in our future. After some thoughtful engagement here are the results of the November 3, 2020 elections results, without fanfare, here’s the winner of the November 3, 2020 election of electoral votes –



Declared winner…

Joe Biden – Kamala Harris

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