God truths

What truths are you truly committed to?, your own, your family, your friends your bishop, pastor, messenger, pope, there are teachers of the writings of the over seven hundred thousand words of the Bible, there are believers and those who don’t know what to believe.

Different thoughts on some biblical things.

Many of the thousands of religious leaders like Pope Francis, Minster Louis Farrakhan, Pastor Joel Ostend, Bishop Charles E. Johnson, Minister Bernice A. King, Preacher Zakir Naik, Bishop Hope Morgan, your religious person and others who may teach some differences in the words of holy books, some religious teachers believe in (monotheism) one God who created all things and is the God of love, congregations tend to share the gospel they are preached to, some church leaders are split over some religious teaching differences of other beliefs such as believing in (polytheism) more than one God. History has long revealed people’s different beliefs as churches, leaders and faiths may cause people to search, wonder in ways some from the early times worship unknown or known things, people, places and god(s) .

A old testaments battle.

Seeking truths, understandings can be difficult with thousands of religious leaders, different interpretations of the Bible and other holy things. Some people remain in religious life they were born and raised in as others seek several religions/spiritual leaders, the journey to gain true fullness of God may come easy to some people who may see wonders of the heavens, earth, and the love within them with the gospels attach to their heart’s, some people seeking fulfillment, continue their struggle, experiencing hurt, pain and suffering, they may find it difficult that a loving God would allow some things, some become non believers, seeing disputes between different readings, of a God who has encourage wars and favor certain people over other people toward gaining a heavenly residence, the growing apart, hatefulness , cults or worse, as the end comes nearer, most biblical leaders agree on a approaching end even as some value riches more and claim their place of worship as a knower of all truths from the creator. Facts remain as a light shines in the darkness, darkness can’t put it out.

In the end times, many people will have been deceive, seek the truth where you find it, there are good shepherds of the true word, know them, follow openly without putting any of them above the truths that they’re given without their ownership but truths that come from a righteous and loving God to those chosen to receive and share without desires of their value to the receivers, no need to glorifie the man, glory the words of truth that’s given, truth has more value than all flesh that sounds promising to the mind , comforting to the heart, but misses the soul, don’t be blinded by what is spoken but pray, seek guidance from unseen favor of what comes without a dollar tag to you but as a refresher of your spirit.


People of different faiths, views, have beliefs of the gospel of Jesus Christ but differ on certain beliefs, customs of some biblical beliefs can come together as people should with differences that doesn’t blind them to their religion by discounting their good relationships with others, Jesus was social with sinners, his words to his followers in the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke in response to: What is the greatest commandment of all?, should be enough to make life more purposeful on our earth. Whatever you may believe, the truths will come to light, put your truth above lies and high headness over people, live in God’s truths.

Thanks everyone who visited, shared, commented, engaged in my blog(s). Please check back for my next article, tentatively title – November 3, 2020. Peace!

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