Most people should know, the history of this beautiful and spacious country, the last hundred plus years is a continue struggling experience to build a more perfect union, conceived in liberty and delicate to the proposition that all men are created equal, as noted in the November 18, 1863 Gettysburg address by the sixteen president of this country.

President Abraham Lincoln

In school we learned Lincoln’s speech , how hopeful, positive and powerful after a horrible war had been fought , this short speech laid forward in words what we are still seeking to achieve. We the people have and are at a point where we can and should put increase urgency on ourselves and all branches of government that are failing in creating a more perfect union , the few but more seemingly determined minds are hindering the words Lincoln spoke. People in their everyday conversations, social, business or political ways fail ourselves by not confronting known ills in ways that may or will destroy what good we have slowly builded, most of the divisions between people can be rooted in those who are the branches that govern but not serving true united base for all our people, we hear the loosely talks of doing right for the people of this country, the legislation, bills and hearts has often been hypocrisy , hard to swallow in reality without putting the walk in the talk.

Since President Lincoln spoke those words, some may say a lot has been done in meeting liberty and the proposition that all men are created equal, if we truly know our current state and history of injustices, Jim Crow,denied voting, discrimination , horrifying acts against Jews, Irish, Native Americans and continue hate filled acts against people of color and even some poor whites. It is past time, we the people stand for real truth in Lincoln’s address and more, open history of the terrors against all people since those words were spoken and have truth and reconciliation that’s affected and move forward.

Our branches of government has not lived up to its duties with many terms of half force laws, broken promises, hidden greed , injustices, corruption, waste and more, we need a new set of changes, like limits across the board of those branches, harsh punishment for wrongful doings, meaningful laws that are enforced fairly for all and a government people can hold responsible to served honorably, honestly and in the best interest of the nation, not big businesses, faulty foreign input or backroom illegal deals.

Learn to help make the future better.

Our government as it stands has failed for the majority of the people who need it and been slow, lazy and or unwilling on making real corrections especially for people with little influence in decision making.

Until our country make positive amends for most of its ills, it will not rise up, but enter a pit that may take decades to recover or reach a point of no return. The people who suffer the most have not been listen too, women, blacks and some others denied property rights, voting rights, schooling and most rights that this country call out so called third world countries on , even when we currently have not succeeded only slows our future growth. Privilege, mostly whitemales who have and currently whole top status in our country , controlling most of what’s meaning to liberty and equality has engage in keeping fractions of discourse between people, in diversity, wages, education, opportunities to name a few roots of long term problems, people are growing apart on the fairness of those issues , more understanding and support is needed to help humans be better humans, it’s a task that’s being made harder by those who gain on the backs of those who have less and make many of those they suppose to help pull up in life instead continue on a slow but steady fall farther below normal living means, ruining what could be a stronger united country instead of one moving toward a weak and divided country.

Arthur Fletcher

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. If memory serves me correctly, a few years, no a longer time ago (smile), in my junior high school typing class, we repeatedly were to type: Now is the time for all good men; to come to the aid of their country. This may really be that time for all good people to do just that, hope is not loss, knowing history and being fair with all people goes a long way to making better choices that can help heal our country before it crumbles , there are ways everyone can help in large and small ways, from their communities to the people’s Oval Office. Good people let’s get started.

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