As calls for impeachment continues to slowly grow, most people likely would rather see voters overwhelmingly vote our current 45th president out of office in 2020, because his lies and unsettling drama of domestic and international conduct he carries , but having a time consuming impeachment proceedings plodding along is not what most people are … Continue reading 45

Rainbow ID

Hardly a month goes by before some person states , they are gay. One of the latest is a hit maker of one of this summers catchy country hit songs, next month it's someone else, people should not be surprise that there are many (LBGT) people or that there should not be any harm if … Continue reading Rainbow ID


There are many disagreements among people on many different issues, too often when disagreements arise each group of people seems to dig deeper in thinking of their rightful cause is the only way, their reasoning for or against something can be more than stubborn, it can become a If y’all for it were against it … Continue reading Guns


A very close family member committed a crime, a thief, stole some tires, a very close family member committed a crime, robbery , held up a Seven Eleven store, a very close family member committed a crime, rape, raped a lady , you have knowledge of their crime and have some means to protect them, … Continue reading Haven