A very close family member committed a crime, a thief, stole some tires, a very close family member committed a crime, robbery , held up a Seven Eleven store, a very close family member committed a crime, rape, raped a lady , you have knowledge of their crime and have some means to protect them, give them a haven , should or would you?.

Laws are meant to be broken some say, some believe, some do break laws, stealing, robbing, opposing one law or another, one example of laws that needed breaking were/are the Jim Crow laws , they were /are in need of breaking . Nonviolent crimes, while by crimes measures are not as serious as crimes of violence, assault, rape, murder and child abuse, need aggressive actions and enforcement. All laws and punishment are not equal in all crimes , they cause some huge or minor problems to the victims , some people believe if you do the crime you pay the fine, some people believe if you do the crime you serve the time, some people believe if you do the crime you get away scot-free.

There are many thoughts on crimes and punishment, one that’s getting a good bit of political conversation and worthy attention now, is one that deals with illegal immigration, few may find agreement on , but more conversations or actions may be coming to your area soon if it has not already, safe places for illegal immigrants.

Reverend John Fife

Helping people in difficult situations is honorable most may agree, helping people who have committed minor crimes is worthy some may agree, helping people who have committed horrible crimes is unfortunate or worse, all may agree.

In a round about way what you have read so far may not be a direct comparison to what you read from this point on, but it may give you thoughts or cause to engage actions for or against sanctuary places. Sanctuaries have been increasing in this country, concerning persons and families of immigrants that have arrived here in the last several decades, most immigrants are good humans just like most humans who were born in this country, wanting to live and let live a meaningful , responsible and productive lives , it’s a few people who cause major problems not the majority of us.

People should help people in need.

Sanctuaries are needed, they can help protect people , animals and things, sanctuary towns, churches, places are to help people seeking refuge from a worse situation they have little or no control over, cities, towns, churches and other places of humanity help avoid the break up of families and help some immigrants toward a path of normalcy in building their future, sanctuary need not, should not be a safe place to harbor the few people who are rapists, child molesters or killers, the lesser of people who do serious crime, the betterment of human life, we should help all humans but all need to be held responsible for serious crimes they may be guilty of.

Do the crime, face the judgment.

Sanctuary places have expanded from churches to towns, cities and counties, our human love for supporting people in need must continue, our human life to survive must seek punishment for those who have destroy the lives of their brothers and sisters. Peace.

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