There are many disagreements among people on many different issues, too often when disagreements arise each group of people seems to dig deeper in thinking of their rightful cause is the only way, their reasoning for or against something can be more than stubborn, it can become a If y’all for it were against it or if y’all against it were for it , these harden stances is like a untreated addiction kind of behavior or maybe worse , not often having a sound reason but going with or against what someone else is for/against without having a good understanding is troubling. There is room for reasonable common ground on most issues if people are willing to engage, listen, view each other side, understand and are willing to give and take a bit.

For over six centuries guns have been around, the amount of lives loss from the barrel of a gun is uncountable. The first mass produced multi- firing gun is credited to Samuel Colt who often sold guns to opposing groups. Guns have been used in hunting, competitions, wars, conflicts, robberies, threats, murders and mass killings. Guns will continue to be around for many years to come, over the last few decades, calls for getting rid of certain guns have increased, people who favor guns have been heard saying: Guns don’t kill people, people kill people , people who want to rid this country of certain guns have been heard saying : Guns of war do not belong in the hands of the average citizens .

The second admendment

The right to bear arms have different interpretation to people today than the year it was penned. The call to ban certain mass assault weapons also has different interpretations from one person to another person . The second amendment stand to some differs in its meaning today, banning certain mass killings weapons to some brings fears of losing their personal gun(s) . Let’s try to reason a bit, clear our minds and rethink, take a deep breath and think some more, to bear arms , to ban assault style weapons . For legally having any weapon(s) you choose or against having weapons like the ones used in most mass killings in the last decades ?.

Mass killings weapons.

Around thirty five percent of people in this country own a gun according to some studies, guns like the AR15 are in the hands of a small number of that percentage but when wrongly used usually cause dozens of deaths, on the other hand more people are killed more often and in greater numbers by other lesser capacity guns, more attention is given when the numbers of killings are in double digits, especially from coverage of news organizations. The banning of AK style guns could slow mass killings that would not impact the daily killings of people as a whole that happens daily in many areas. The NRA, the greed of those accepting money, their silence, hypocrisy will not cease before another mass killing happens.

Several solution for slowing mass killings may not be to ban assault rifles or enact laws that people intend on killing don’t give a damn about , laws have been passed on nearly every issue , civil rights, hate crimes, busing, housing, money laundering, guns, some have more success on paper than in reality in certain cases according to some people, pitting people against each other and more.

Sound solutions if properly address, correctly, that reduce selling of all weapons, stop individual large sales of guns, buying back as many weapons as possible, decrease manufacturing of weapons, increase taxes on gun purchases and makers, increase surveillance, security, identification, knowledge, mental health, in short do everything that we know why, how, who, what and where people who intend to kill don’t kill , we know that will not stop all killings but can slow and reduce the rising tragedies by all guns.

Mass killings rising in recent years.

The truth is hard to sallow sometimes, some facts on both sides seem to get little thoughts before they battle each other, working together without rumors would be wise, guns are responsible for more children deaths at a growing rate each year, only a fraction of all gun deaths involved assault weapons, the number of people killed in mass killings has greatly increased in the last few years, serious studies into why people engage in mass shootings , why gun violence in urban cities continues to grow, serious address the rising rate of young female violence, the need for a person to have dozens of weapons , why this country leads the world in having so many guns per person, the fear of decreasing gun ownership?, killing with guns can lessen if we attack gun issues from all sides, not just a certain class of guns that can be a bandage on a massive wound, people will always kill with or without weapons, we can reduce that if we reduce all weapons , why that is not in this country’s true interest now or in the near future, that’s a fact people will continue to have a hard time swallowing, we need less deaths from pulling a trigger of a gun.

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