Rainbow ID

Hardly a month goes by before some person states , they are gay. One of the latest is a hit maker of one of this summers catchy country hit songs, next month it’s someone else, people should not be surprise that there are many (LBGT) people or that there should not be any harm if you support or don’t support gays, most gays likely don’t care , if they are being who they are and enjoying the rights every new born has the right to enjoy.

Today there is less outward public hate toward gays, there is acceptance from most clubs, parades, social events and more, people who hide behind social sites can be haters of almost any and everything gay, most people don’t fit into that hateful activity, reasonable people care less about other people’s lives if it doesn’t have a bothersome effect on their lives. The world is opening up to different lifestyles, events, personalities and lives faster than ever, some good, bad or in between.

If you are well known or not well known, your worth most often is within the morals you have and extend to people who you come in contact with, recognition for what’s good from within is better than seeking it for ones desires for acceptance of who they are, your inners may show sooner or later.

Not so long ago a large portion of this country were against most gays maybe with the exception of supporting those in the entertainment field, some people remain that way, wedding vows were between a man and a woman , today a 2020 gay presidential candidate has a husband , who would have thunk it even a decade ago . There are only people who are born male or female, people are still revolving around that and some other gay issues, even if they whole their long standing beliefs , most have come to tolerate the well beings of gays even if things still irks them large or small, something as watching some television shows where audiences usually of mostly women giving overwhelming applause because someone says they are gay , are most of those people following the applause sign or are their support really genuine? , it can be odd to some seeing women overwhelmingly supporting gay men, men overall usually don’t overwhelmingly support lesbian women, does being gay have the landslide acceptance that some in entertainment, fashion, political or applause would have you believe?, some people are accommodating to some gay people and not to other gay people, that’s normal in life, no one likes all people, gay, straight or whomever.

About five percent of this country is gay according to some reports but more people are viewing gay programs, parades and gay events then ever before, it’s past time to recognize times we are living in has and is changing on LBGT Rights , people are having less problems with that, on the other hand most people do not want gay lifestyles geared toward their children, encouraging children toward life choices other than what first breath of freedom to grow will be theirs in time to come, do not target children.

LBGT’s should not be held higher or lower than other persons, even as a growing few may want to do. For too long hateful intentions toward several races, communities, lifestyle or different thoughts or actions have been pushed , we should beware of any hate that is harmful to any human and lend efforts to support anyone who are targets of hate, knowing some battles are yet to be won.

Gays , who are quick to condemn what may be deemed unacceptable behavior toward gays but slow or silent on reports of LBGTQ Edward Buck and others of his like who are or are alleged guilty of criminal behavior or worse are hypocrites if they only call out horrible acts against them and not horrible acts committed by even one in a large rainbow of many.

Wanting or needing to say ( My name is blank and i’m gay) and being applauded over what ones identity is questionable, we are humans first, hopefully people’s character, good actions toward each other is worthy of recognition , try staying true to the best of who you are and your gender may get applause without announcing it.

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