As calls for impeachment continues to slowly grow, most people likely would rather see voters overwhelmingly vote our current 45th president out of office in 2020, because his lies and unsettling drama of domestic and international conduct he carries , but having a time consuming impeachment proceedings plodding along is not what most people are happily looking for. Trump supporters may think that his acts were/are all for the good of our country and his efforts toward making America great again, believing actions against him are more of payback for his winning the 2016 election.

When was America great?

Donald John Trump, was born into wealth, that’s not a fault, it’s a wish most of us have had sometimes , or a dream we may have that can’t happen now. Trump soon began to tower over most of his friends, family, foes as his name began to be recognized just about every where, Trump on buildings, planes, food, clothing, signs, resorts, golf courses, Trump in magazines, newspapers, radio, television, movies, songs, Trump rose high and higher.

On the way to his summit, he helped people, hurt people and hardly cared much either way, he was the man above men, a thinker greater than thinkers, a fixer better than fixers, he hired and fired, loved and divorce , loss, gain, recruited, valued himself to a degree that attracted lots of attention and followers, leaving plenty of his detractors mostly wobbly behind his run toward his sights on his growing empire and beyond as he set his campaign on being what most believe he could not become.

There were times when he made bad choices, bad decisions and out right broken some laws by some accounts , but not by his way of thinking or memory, he viewed it as just making beautiful deals, very beautiful deals.

Make America great again was his call, those who believe it took up their shields to protect him against the possible fallout from his crying of fake news and hurling insults at many opponents, employees, foreigners, congress, senators, press, former Presidents, he’s done much of what pleases him and it gain him more upward steps in his climb toward the Oval Office of his complete control, he looked forward to standing in front of the White House mirror, smirking and saying to himself, I’m the greatest of all times.

Insults or compliments

On November eighth, twenty sixteen he shocked the talking heads and most of this country and the world, becoming President elect of these United States, even as some had warn he was not fit to be the leader of this country. Most of those in his party who campaign against him quickly fell in line of supporting him to their fullest, those who voted for him felt bolder in their issues and beliefs, his staff upheld his actions , words and were/are silent to increasing large cracks in his self held beliefs of his golden rules of entitlement as the chosen leader.

Not for sale

People should find agreement on some things , Trump appears to want that likely could help make our country better, getting more companies to manufacture more products at a reasonable price here instead of having our homes filled with products made in China, having more foreign countries less dependent on us for support, when many of our people here need more support, build more needed infrastructure and keep the employment rate moving upward, control our borders more and we can all whole our breathe for Trump to be more presidential for at least one whole week , it doesn’t seem he will be able do that anytime in the future.

When was American great?, when we gain independents, when we were Pilgrims , when we were forced out of Vietnam, when we had Jim Crow laws, when World War Two ended, when President Lincoln signed to end slavery, when the Trail of Tears started, when Martin Luther King Jr. was slain, when we landed on the moon, whenever Flint, Michigan gets clean water to drink or when Trump was sworn in. America has been great for nearly everyone at a certain time in their life, but at many different times and causes in ones life, there’s no one time for greatness that is for all people, one persons greatness can be another persons agony, we have great things and achievements to move forward on and disappointments and failures to learn and grow from. Trump could have been a great president of great achievements, sadly he likely will be a disappointment to greatness that will be in a recovery mode for more than 45 days, weeks, months or longer.

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