Most past generations were good at holding on to things, after all lots of things were a bit harder to come by and the things that were made that you had tended to last a long time, yes most of those were big and bulky and maybe not so good looking when we look back but those old refrigerators or ice boxes that maybe some people referred to them, the ice trays were metal, hard to break those. Automobiles had big chrome bumpers and if you were unlucky to accidentally run into a parked one while playing around you would remember to avoid doing so the next time.

Some great meals were had.

Most people found it hard to say goodbye to many old items, new things , some say are not made like they use too and won’t last as long, some fathers could be heard saying either really believing their words or not wanting to come out of their wallet with the hard earned cash needed for a new purchase, that old big comfortable chair, a bit ragged to some was a long held treasure to some pops and moms all thought wanting and needing some newer non stick pots and pans would still hold on to the old ones in use until she was sure those new ones were the real deal, smile, and some moms still kept those old ones as they say for back up, not wanting to say goodbye.

Ten speed bikes, could anything go faster and easier than that shiny red bike or last longer than those white roller skates you got for Christmas, you wouldn’t want to throw those away.

They rolled to some rocking tunes

Leaving junior high and seeing some of your best friends going off to a different high school than you would be attending, a best friend moving too far away or going off to to serve this country, happy for them but it was hard to say goodbye. People get around more these days, some change jobs every few years others move from state to state, even some family members are too far away to visit as often as one may like, even though we have face time phones, text, UBS systems and all kinds of transportation, we live in busier times, seeing people is often harder to do , making some goodbyes seem a bit unhappy.

Share a hug today

Goodbye?, long ago was godbwye meaning, God be with you. Today more things are changing quickly , there’s a new phone, gadget, store, diet or something almost every day now, people come in and out of our lives from near and far, neighborhoods changing before your eyes, goodbyes and hellos coming and going, lingering memories. Saying goodbye does not have to mean ridding oneself of their life treasures , folks , or what ever you have held on to and holding on to some things without having to say goodbye can be ok too. There are keepsakes in our lives and people from our past, that warm our lives, making room for some change, saying goodbye can mean saying hello to something or someone new and better too, saying hello can be a starter rather than a closer, hello.

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