The cycle of Illegal and some legal drugs continues destroying families black and white alike , some massive drug companies have results and respect for only the bottom line of their colossal greed taking in over two hundred billion dollars a year, giving little or nothing back to help care for people suffering from drug … Continue reading Crack

A Touchy Subject

You may have seen on the news coverage, internet stories, newspapers headlines, maybe you're heard on radio talk shows, among some family members, friends or some strangers, it's sometimes whisper around offices , people who view things different from your views, if they heard your true thoughts. Politicians do as they most often do, play … Continue reading A Touchy Subject

A Person Like _ _ _

High schools, colleges, corporations need to add a few listening/ conversation events each year for young people, some may be doing it now, when this writer says listening /conversation events, it's not about paying tens of thousands of dollars to a former CEO of this or that corporation or getting all- star sport persons to … Continue reading A Person Like _ _ _