A Touchy Subject

You may have seen on the news coverage, internet stories, newspapers headlines, maybe you’re heard on radio talk shows, among some family members, friends or some strangers, it’s sometimes whisper around offices , people who view things different from your views, if they heard your true thoughts.

Politicians do as they most often do, play spin games with important issues to see what keeps them drawing money, power and votes, a few television stations run opposing talking heads around the clock some for ratings , what’s hot now brings more advertisers, different groups join current bandwagons to support or protest what they hope serve their cause or keep their ranks growing for better or even worse in some cases worse gets notice, businesses does what sells, some try to be discerning, people are swaying according to their changing beliefs and fast moving times.

This writer has heard …. whites don’t want more immigrants here because they will/can, in one persons words, out F the white man and in a decade or two will F their way into the White House, another states, people don’t want Democrats giving illegals free health care because we have live here for all of our life and I still don’t have or want free health care, nothing’s free in life, some say illegal immigrants come in and low bid manual jobs causing some small businesses and handymen to lose out on contracts and jobs, some support immigrants saying , competition helps make this country greater or that we are a country of immigrants legal or not, in public, most people just want to be politically correct, not giving true views one way or another. More hearts grow harder as their conversations gear up.

The matter of immigrants is pushing this country to take harshly different sides, some are overwhelming for immigration others overwhelmingly against immigration, depending largely on what’s happening on a given day or what politicians, talk show or well known person is for or against , the arguments of either side can whole some weight, but the honesty is often loss in emotional screams/ fears of some who cater to a wavering mind set of the desires of being human.

Our country is larger then most people know it to be, people in urban areas may see a overcrowded view of some people coming in to make their life more difficult, rural areas most likely want to remain as they are, it’s reported all the people in this country could live comfortably in just two of our largest states, some worry about the loss of jobs, rising crime, language, and culture changes.

Let’s speak some truths, it doesn’t matter much what you think , heard or want to truly do, most people don’t like unknown changes and don’t want to give up what they think they may have to give up in tax dollars, schools, neighborhoods or anything that they have for a large group of people who they view as different, undervalue or speak a different language, most will defer from what they really think to fit into what is considered right on the matter of illegal immigrants , even if they think of themselves as a pillar of doing unto others as you would want them to do unto you.

To try to solve the illegal immigration issues, these things could be top priority, learn and understand the true facts on immigration and really consider truth in your heart as to if you truly believe all humans can be your equal and are you truly able to treat people as such, unfortunately that is not as easy to do as it reads for many.

It’s estimated one in seven Americans are foreign born. Mexico make up about 54% of immigrants in this country follow by Asia 10% , Europe 9%. This country has about 20% of all immigrants worldwide. Texas, California and New York have the largest number of immigrants. Mexico has the largest number of illegal immigrants. Nearly 4% or over 12 million immigrants are living in this country illegally

In closing, our legal system once it is truly legal, equally, for all people, then people who are illegally here, should be heard in court , if found guilty of an illegal act could be expelled, jailed or fined, companies that knowing hire illegal immigrants who take jobs from legal folks should be fined a hefty fee. Fair laws regarding all people need to be imposed equally across the board. Illegal people who have not broken any laws, been here for years, should have a path way to citizenship.

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