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High schools, colleges, corporations need to add a few listening/ conversation events each year for young people, some may be doing it now, when this writer says listening /conversation events, it’s not about paying tens of thousands of dollars to a former CEO of this or that corporation or getting all- star sport persons to fill seats or even a outstanding student, all of those can be good for younger people to help guide them on their future course, so continue some of that, what the thinking here is a little different, read on please.

Freedom of speech at some colleges with certain mostly known people, who some don’t want to hear is growing, some speakers with left, right leaning or what is seen as too extreme to some may no longer be welcome in some colleges or schools, freedom of speech should be allowed as long as speaking likely does not lead to violence, people who don’t want to listen to certain speeches have their right to not support or attend and use peaceful protests .

There are ways that can lead to more people involvement in high schools or colleges with speakers from neighborhoods, city or state where schools /colleges are and likely less controversial tones, having conversations of life lesson experiences that most students are likely to encounter, like jobs, money, marriage, children, homes, and day to day living a life with fewer missteps as possible can be very helpful to listening ears.

Good lessons should stand the test of time.

Words from some real experiences in life can go along way in the heart , mind and soul from one person to another person(s) that can make connections even in small groups of people where listening, conversations, questions and answers occurs and tailored to being respectful, honest and encouraging lessons that most people find helpful, like an open exchange from a senior person on various subjects who have lived or are living , and wanting to share parts of their life in to engage young minds in a two way that can be helpful to both on matters in life from a different place, time or view point on some of the issues of times, past or current from their life experiences, some schools may not need to only use highly successful persons or those from a well known family tree, don’t get me wrong, those may all be well and good but let’s as some say think out side of the box with for now.

What you talking about , Arnold?, do you remember that line from a seventies/ eighties television show or were you a fan of Andy Griffin Show of the sixties, some good advice that stand the test of time came from some shows like those, you could be one of the type of people to sit or stand before these high schoolers, college students, corporations and let them listen to some real talk of the ups and downs of this sometimes complicated life, from women who has raised children and grandchildren, and can share untold examples that may enrich and challenged the minds of today’s youths, bring in a person struggling to survive from the streets who can express and enlighten their choices with journeys of some avoidance of pitfalls and dreams, bring a small business person who may share their lows , highs and growth, a trash collector to share what their labor, worth and purpose of rising above job description, a bus driver, a veteran, a retiree, or a person like you to share, enlighten, your life experiences that may help grow a responsible theme in a growing mind.

These common, regular, or ordinary people could be volunteers or even paid a reasonable speaker fee to engage young people in a down to earth, respectful way from people to students to help their path to higher education and better life skills, some may say students get this talk from their parents, uncles, friends and others, what good can they get from a street person , a grandma or you reading this, if they only get the act of just listening it’s a start, but for sure more can be gain from folks with experience of survival through life, this is not to say longevity knows all but it can be a part of making good choices that one can gain particularly by listening.

Wisdom sometimes come with aging

Most people can recall a person who may not have been a major part of their life but shared something that made their life better in one way or another, keep those learn folks but bring the good from some senior person(s) like you to help our children in anyway we can to gain a fuller impact on their lives from those who have something to share .

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