Justice Privilege System

Pigmeat Markham, if possible is likely rolling, turning, twisting around in his grave from some of the foul odors from this rotten, sour, hypocrisy, greedy, corrupt, political, privilege, criminal system that gets worse each passing minute in lives of many families. Mr. Markham was a comically performer whom this writer saw and enjoyed doing his … Continue reading Justice Privilege System

Gay, Hypocrite, Nigger

How many words are there in the language we use most in this country today?, some words are new words we didn’t know and dozen of words are added each year, words like Photo bomb, Throwing shade, Listicle and more words enter our language. Words that are no longer used may get removed from dictionaries, … Continue reading Gay, Hypocrite, Nigger

Music to My Ears

Kids can usually have fun playing around with other children or just playing in their own little joyful world with just their toys alone, depending on their age say two to seven, they sometimes repeat sounds they have heard or come up with their own sounds, most of their sounds are adorable and soft to … Continue reading Music to My Ears