Music to My Ears

Kids can usually have fun playing around with other children or just playing in their own little joyful world with just their toys alone, depending on their age say two to seven, they sometimes repeat sounds they have heard or come up with their own sounds, most of their sounds are adorable and soft to adult ears but there are times when their noises can be a bit annoying if it gets too loud and or too often.

Mothers who are usually around young children most of the time, in some cases all day everyday if they were not a working mom, like a number of moms were when mostly men were the bread earners and were not around the children or heard their playing as much as moms, back in the late fifties playing around on our apartment floor with our few toys, making sounds for them with my two younger siblings around four and five years of age, our father came in from a long and hard day of work, after greeting us for a few minutes, he sat in a chair and watched us playing around on the floor with our toys, it was not long before his tired body began to give into needing some rest and he nodded off in one of those light nods where you are between sleep and slightly hearing your surroundings too, if you know what I mean, a very light nap as we continue playing, at times our voices got a little louder making voice over sounds for our toys, sounds of animals, automobiles, cowboys, toy men, dolls and other sounds as our dad eyes closed and slumped in the chair, we played near and around him in our small apartment.

The English came and won many fans.

There were many groups , duets, solo artists, we glued our ears toward, growing up in Chocolate City, like the sounds of the many popular artists who were on record labels like Atlantic, Curtom, King, Motown, Stax, Tampa, Verve and other labels. We would view artists performing on The Ed Sullivan Show before most local television shows had them and if you were as fortunate as some and had a theater nearby as we had with The Howard Theatre, that showcase top recording stars weekly and as a young teen you could be lucky enough to run into some artists who were out in the neighborhood between shows, like the Marvelletts, who this writer met at our local People’s Drug store, they had hits like, Please Mr. Postman, Beechwood 4-5789 and Don’t Mess With Bill.

The sounds of soul.

Doing the sixties and seventies some artists were huge and of course if you like music you know their names, sometimes it’s good to recall those who were really good, had some great music but maybe were not huge superstars to some, someone like Sir Walter ( Welcome Home, Speak Her Name) Jackson, Carla (Gee Wiz, Ooh Baby) Thomas, The (Do You Love Me, Shake Sherry) Contours, and The Righteous ( Unchained Melody, You Lose That Loving Feeling) Brothers, as time moved on some new sounds entered our ears.

Music, in the sixties and seventies had been what my generation clung too, as we get older our ears, mind and whatever helps us tick to a wider selection of music expands, we don’t forget our favorites of younger days but we may adopt some earlier music sometimes of our parents time, remember Christmas time, when you were younger and your parents played those albums by artists with names like Como, Cole, Day, Mathis or Sinatra, if you enjoy good music you’re know their first names, then came one of this writers favorite groups with their Christmas album, they were often introduced with these words: The Tall, Tan, Talented…. do you know that groups name ?.

Music is great, even some of the current music, but as decades have past since being on the floor with my younger sister and brother that day as our dad napped. Sitting in my backyard one summer afternoon not far from an elementary school, my fathers words came back to my mind , you know there’s all kinds of music, some we may not appreciate until later in life. When our mother cautioned us a couple of times to not make too much noise as our father napped, he moved slightly in the chair and with his eyes still shut said: Let them play, their sounds are music to my ears. Hearing the distance sounds from the nearby school playground of children laughing, having fun, making cheerful sounds, were music to my ears, similar to babies cooing, yes music comes to our ears in lots of wonderful ways and sounds, the late night sounds of a train, the early morning sounds of birds and the gleeful sounds of children playing joyfully near their parents.

Your favorite music maybe different than the next person but whatever fills your mind that you like is your music to your ears, enjoy.

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