Devilish lies

Chief Justice Roberts

People have been lying for ages , from the beginning to the ending of lives, the powerful/wealthy have used money, lawyers to help curve, mislead, distract, from their lies, people with few means are expose or suffer from their lies. Counting lies maybe akin to counting all the stars in our galaxy and if you add 45’s pathological lies, the next galaxy . There are little lies, a kid and a cookie jar, mid sized, a student’s homework, large, an employee gross wrong doing, and huge lies, elected officials tell that can/will destroy people, places and things, lies are very powerful if not disproven, standing up against lies takes business, leaders, blue collar, clergy, little, strong , all people to support and act boldly for truths.

People sometime make excuses, avoid putting truth above lies to protect oneself, job, self interests of their children, family, friends, most politicians are not those to us . As a whole politicians and lawyers have been near the top of lots of people’s list of liars , even if some want to take a poll to try to dispute that, go a head. We currently are where some politicians, in football terms are deserving of MVP’s for lying or aiding lies coming from our Oval Office, as the walls in their many lies began to crack, some will have to make the right choice or go down with a man who cares absolute nothing for them or the truth. This historic effort to impeach in the senate despite some senators who have given their souls to a long list of lies, with no commitment to truth or the people they are elected to serve. Don’t sit idly if it looks, walks, speak like a liar it is a liar, we need to support the truth, not a perfect phone call.

He is a liar !

Currently some are not interested , tired of the growing numbers of lies , family and friends are torn apart, they see mistrust in Democrats and or Republicans, if you are a reasonable thinker with a fair amount of wisdom you know lies should not be encourage or supported even as we live in a time where truths are often twisted to lies and lies twisted to truth, some people are into lying without a hint of truth and feeling or expressing no remorse. We should not give in to a trial of any person(s) if witnesses, accountability and truths are not part of the trial.

We can’t account for all past lies from family, friends, associates, enemies, politicians, we can try to be aware and honest to our current environment of lies that is harmful to our country, the parts that govern our families lives without the states colors of red or blue labels that are put on voters , the many ways use to divert lies with social media, money, false attacks and other means that worsen our trust , attention, values and country. Those who are elected to serve the people who sent them to congress, the senate or other public offices must be outed if they are party to lies, keeping truth in our countries officials should be of top priority above the downward fall that is on this destructive path toward us and our children, if this lying continues.

Soon we will see more brown nosing, cover up, name calling, two faced, criminal conduct, abuse, denies, lying, corrupt politicians in the coming weeks that could worsen the divide of our citizens for a very long time.

The truth is nearly here for all to see.

Use what’s between your ears wisely and truthfully with all your heart and soul , you’re likely ahead of many in our senate who’s mindset don’t want witnesses and may not be as sane or honest as most of the people they are sworn to serve.

Devin Numes, Rudy Giuliani , Barr, Pence, senator’s , all eyes are on you to do the right things. Chief Justice John Roberts and those given to up hold truth , use your truths to lean this country back to a more level field, don’t let it tilt farther where it can’t be level again. Average people who have coming trials may see injustices of their trials if senators don’t honor the values of an open and fair trial.

Donald John Trump, Pence, Pomepeo, Barr, Giuliani, Numes , McConnell, Graham, Jordan are a few of the devilish in your face liars who will lie their way to death. Wake up people, don’t fall for the hype.

In the end, there will be some people who will never be convinced of any wrong doing by this lying group , truth on some matters are in the dark to some even when the lights are on. This country will succeed forward with truth or backwards to where it will be very hard if ever to recover. The devil is a liar.

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