The Nation or the Man

Absolute power does what?

As of January 23, 2020 the Democrats had put on what seems by most who have paid close attention to the senate impeachment hearings , an in-depth, long list of convincing reasons to support the removal of the President of the United States from office, but the engines of the helicopter to whisk 45 away as former President Nixon was decades ago are in the hands of a few senators who will have to decide after impeachment hearings from Trumps hardcore defenders.

This writer will not go over the case for either side, senators will have to make the right decision or live with selling their souls for what they should know in their minds, hearts and souls is dead wrong, will they even care?, most political people are not known to go against their party leader or the President, most think that will remain even as more people believe the evidence for impeachment is stronger than ever according to most polls.

What does the future whole for this divide country?, there may or may not be an impeachment, lies can and do override truths sometimes, people don’t see eye to eye on guilt or innocent, people can be blinded by a group or a person for better or worse.

Eyes are on the senators in the senate , ordinary hard working people of all shapes, sizes, colors, educated or not, rich or poor, male or female may have to stand in court of a jury/judge one day, the ears hearing their case may reflect on what they might balance from this senate trial, of course there are differences from court rooms and this senate, but guilt or innocence carries a lasting impact on individuals in much of the same way, it’s no celebration for the guilty and little for those who join or help corruption for too long.

Will dynamite explode?

Influence over truths.

Susan Collins, senator from Maine, Mitch Romney and others, what are you going to do?, we likely know Rudy, Pompeo, Pence, McConnell Barr and others in the know of what the people should be privilege to know, as former impeached President Nixon stated, something like : The people should know rather or not their President is a crook or not. Senators the records, tapes, interviews, press and more show Donald John Trump is a lair, but will that or more than that be reason for impeachment, the question is will enough senators be true to the nation or the man, with the evidence we know of, who are you honestly true to – the man or the nation?.

In the end of this impeachment trial, the wiles may be the short victory of what in time fade those who didn’t want to see the light, sadly or tragically, sometimes some get what they don’t deserve, instead of what the country deserve and desires, we may get the man.