Girl’s to Women

This writer doesn’t know most things about girls or women, you may want to agree to that, we’ll wait a minute, continue to read on, I had a mother, I have sisters, girls and women friends, nieces, granddaughter, daughter in-law, ok maybe you’re not convinced, I have friends on Facebook, and you shouldn’t be convinced yet, but read on, thank you.

Girls are the wonderments of life, our beautiful flowers of the morning sunrise, the low glimmering light of a sunset, the soft quietness of our nights, without girls, there are no future human life.

Sugar and spice and everything nice.

Over many centuries women were from the side of man, centuries later most were to the rear of men, a second thought for progression in a mans world. Not too long ago , my one time favorite entertainer, then known as the hardest working man in show business sang lyrics like : This is a mans world but it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a women or a girl, ani’t that the truth.

Over the last fifty or so years, women have been making faster and greater strives in this so called mans world, it’s been especially noticeable in the lives of black women who have suffered from so many difficult situations that are too many to give light to in a short blog but many of you may know some of my thoughts on the struggles of our people, today the doors for women entrance to all the world is not fully open especially for women of color.

Follow wisdom, vote wisely

All women are not created equal, their growth, paths, success, stumbles and hard falls happen everyday but women carry the reproductive genes of their ancestors that they should honor along with their wisdom in this and other times, all women are not the queens, princess or honey’s of life, nor should all desire to be, nor should women take up the characteristics path of men to try to succeed in their goals, be the best women you can be, garner the difference to be intellectually fit , personally strong and feminine in your way.

A treasure women

There are some videos, styles, ads that may be popular in efforts to effectively limit or change who you are for worse, don’t be hyped by being anyone’s bitch, a word that some women seem to even adore now, don’t allow oneself to be called something you’re not or engage in behavior that demeans yourself, the brawling on social sites, airing personal mean conflicts, showing your body treasures, instead stand for truth , provide your glow, strengthen your mind and soul to help make a better home, community, country and world, cherish your Life and the life of other humans especially the life given to you and the gift you may have to bring forth birth of new bodies of life.

Women are an equal part of life.

Girl to women is a growing task, if you grow to be honest within yourself, time will be valuable to your well being and those you come in contact with. Don’t join the wagon of hate for men that God made to bring you together to empower more life and wellbeing, even if separation occurs be resolved in better things. When all is said and done, carry a little womanhood in your girl ness and a little girl ness as a women, we all are from a woman’s womb, women are our mothers, respect, love, and know from girls growing into women, the life of all humans comes from your special body that only a women is bless to have, know you are the mothers of the world and much more, you’re a girl to a woman, be the best woman in you.

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