Gayle King

We share last names , I’m not related to, have never met Ms. King , I’ve watched Ms. King on television about a dozen times over the years, while only seeing a small clip of her interview, most of the aftermath of comments toward her felt below her due for what was seen here as a wrongful, timely insensitive question .

Some unforeseen attacks.

My thoughts on what took place after her interview with NBA star Lisa Leslie is more of what we should do with most situations like this, it is becoming more dangerous, trending, hateful and eager to express one’s thoughts as a follower, a hypocrite, self righteous, know all, misinformed , hateful manner in too many instances by using one’s fingers before using one’s brain , thinking things throughout. Some people are too quick to hop on the comments bandwagon of celebrities, sport starts, politicians or haters with out using what’s truly in their own head, many allow other people to engage the way they act that’s not really who they are or even want to be.

Some people reading this wouldn’t be reading this if another name or photo was at the title. Almost every day and I’m not blaming or praising the press, but advertising, television or other outlets that can and do play a large part in influencing the way we react sometimes without using our own thoughts is part of our misconception of life sometimes, people have to slow down, be honest with themselves, some may still be in attack mode for their own reasons , others may want to gain recognition or kick a down person to make them feel empowered, It’s becoming increasing easier to spill hatred and hide behind a button, a comment , to call out hate filled comments at people you’re never have the nerve or even want to if you were face to face with them.

Think before you hit send.

Your mom, sister, child, family, ill words thrown toward them were /are fighting words in some past of our times , at a school yard, neighborhood block, or nearly anywhere before most of the nineties, if you are a certain age , lived in certain areas, words like faggot, punk, bitch or even black could cause the fist to fly back then but at least after most confrontation the next day children especially were ok, those were face to face matters you’re laugh together about later, better than pulling a gun that is almost common these days , some people confront people wearing fur, mistreating animals, speaking non english and many other things that can be more or less important depending on who’s doing what to whom , some could care less of what a journalist ask , but anyone may get a dislike for lame or serious matters by being fast with their fingers sometimes too fast before the consequences of what really matters or was needed at that time.

After the dust has settled a bit, some have apologize or come to relax some of the ill comments against Ms. King, who received death threats for asking a wrongly time question about Kobe Bryant, we must temper our ill feelings toward her and each other, think respectful before hitting the send button and not be a follower of quick hate but be thoughtful yourself as if you’re in the shoes of the other person sometimes, we all have/are wrong sometimes, if we all were crucified as quickly and as vehement for far less then tragic crimes , there wouldn’t be many people around. We can agree or disagree on the daily and historical wrongs against people, we need more understanding and committed to allow to search our souls to be less hypocritical in ways that are not known from our hearts in a equal and true test of being the same for yourself as for others and speak out, protest, hit the send button on things that affect our future more, while it’s right to call out a wrong it’s not worth calling for a crucifixion that the guest handle in a worthwhile manner.

Spoken wisely
Words of wisdom

Spread the Lisa Leslie answer more than the wrongs of a question.

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