Sons of Privileges

You don’t often hear people talking about their forefathers, unless they are politicians who think they did a great job in putting the constitution for them together. Most politicians often use words like freedom, liberty, justice when talking about their history, they speak of the flag , the second amendment, you don’t hear politicians speak on certain wrongs of their forefathers, not admitting shortcomings or for haven sake making true apologies.

Their forefathers

Privilege founders did a good job for them, but failed females and humans with darker skin, failures were long left uncorrected, disregarded, no just attention to make better. No persons should continue to whole power over people with evil, greed discrimination continuing . We can not relate accurately all of histories cruel inhumane crimes to humans , people should not make claim, seek rewards, medals, honor, approval or glory for a job not well done in fair treatment of all people.

In order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility are great words on paper, but as it’s said the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. Men have been the majority writers of rules, bills, laws, affecting lives of people for bad, good or in between, when we dive into finer details of mans rule, their garments don’t glow, the icing on the cake is not eatable , the gold dims, the diamonds fades, the lies behind their smiles are uncovered , the long detail thoughts of mistreatment can be difficult to explain, discovery might give small meaning like a sprinkle of rain on a scouring hot day, a bit of sweetness in a sour dish, hope in false promises fades quickly, realizing more people are doomed with few privileges , trust is no longer possible in many people. After many decades of struggles, women were allowed to vote, some laws held even poor whites down , Jim Crow laws harmed blacks for a much longer period, lynchings, red lining, racism that continues in ways many may not be aware of.

Women were denied many rights.

Privilege continues vacuuming greed, drawing willing and some less willing flesh, as fresh wood thrown in a fire that burns high and mighty and when low keeps rekindling to blaze against the less fortunate. Meaningful words penned, great sounding speeches being applauded, but the injustices of court rooms, towns, back rooms, places of decisions are largely favorable for sons of long gone men of privileges who’s impact remains horrible in mistreatment of millions of people’s from lying lips of their kind, whisper misdeeds of officials, causing undo lost of property , family, wages and deaths without a hint of guilt from their oppressors who may cry over loss animals but want people to get over reparation and lynchings.

Blacks were terrorize and murder without true justice.

Some claim high honors for not wanting their wives, sister, aunts, mothers the right to vote, own, and enjoy human rights equally to all people, blacks being written off as less than three fifths of a human, they whipped, abuse dark bodies in public and embrace dark women in darkness for their sexual desires , disavow their babies, they readily bound, beat, lynch, murder, rob, incarcerate, kill many innocent men, women and children, impose their own laws against reading, ownership, patents, marriage, separating children, families, hypocrites of justice drips from their lips behind institutionalize racism in government, private businesses, organizations and ill conceived laws, contracts, property, deeds, money, inventions, destroying towns, cities, infesting neighborhoods with disease, drugs and guns.

Hate that keeps occurring.

Politicians words matter little, some still embrace their views of freedom, justice, liberty as their forefathers did . Indians, Mexicans , Irish, Jews are/were harassed or worse , blacks labeled less than human, privilege males ruled with guns, greed, false promises, miseducating , things that benefited them the most, somewhat like it occurs today by some who continues the work of the past.

Some wrongs of past injustices linger , from a dirt poor, unemployed, uneducated person yelling nigger, to the highest office of our country saying niggers will vote for his party because he signed a certain bill. People who don’t want to accept all humans are different in their experiences and ways but should be privilege to life’s equal offerings. The consequences of unequal treatment remain vested from the past, our past links our future increasingly in wrongs of inattention to true equality for all, trust that’s not printed but lives in minds and hearts of people toward righteousness that unites all life with equal cherish value.

Words on paper has not stop hate .

Until more people understand true history, themselves, other humans more, make real commitments to sincerely give actions to truths toward others as you’re have for oneself, an old statement, but much needed now, maybe more than ever before , people must learn true history , especially black history, not for ills but to grow in true knowledge, friendship and love for all humans, something that has not been accomplished by enough of this countries people’s or the sons of privilege.

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