Corvid – 19 aftermath

Misinformation, hoarding, empty shelves, sickness, politics, deaths, are a few awful things related to this virus, people increasing struggling to deal with no work, sports, travel, restaurants, shows, food, even cosmetics, things folks once took for granted. What we learn from these unsettling times of our world community where we are more connected in than before, we are family with Africa, Britain, Cuba and the world. We see and have seen the suffering of people around the world in newspapers, magazines, commercials, people in Indonesia, India, South America and other places where there are few if any big box stores, delivery services, hospitals, schools where people have to walk miles to get things to survive. We can even travel within miles of sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue and see people needing the basic needs to live a better life. We should be thankful , humble, helpful and considerate of people that are affected the most from Coronavirus , suffering of diseases, other viruses and disasters, tsunamis , earthquakes, flooding in areas of the world. Our country experience a horrible virus about one hundred years ago, this is not a first, likely will not be the last. Value time with your family willing or unwilling through this virus and other trouble times using the best efforts possible to go forward with harmony in life.

Not what we’re use to experiencing.

We may not be the so called greatest country in the world, boasting from the lowest valleys to the highest mountains of being the greatest country on earth, strong, stand alone, leader of the world, we are a country of great material wealth, with things that make our lives very convenient, we are use to a short drive, passing vast lots full of automobiles, stores stock with groceries, malls full of shoppers, schools with children learning, churches of people worshipping freely. Having to depend on other countries, especially China, whom we often are at odds with to provide much of what we need, want, use may have been unimaginable months ago. We have stock piles of nuclear weapons more than any country, huge farms, some given funds to not produce, large ships, fast planes, subway systems, we have the best this and that, but not enough mask, ventilators, hospitals, a proud country in need of some humbleness, especially our need to become a good family to the world, with less weapons of war but more machinery for farming to help feed the poor, less walls, but better interaction of people, less greed, more sharing, less wrongs, more right.

Difficult times are more than missing baseball, basketball or sport games, clubbing, spas or other things people may enjoy, working long hours for what we think we should have, needing more attention to what we are bless to have, homes full of things we think make us better but in hard times we find they are less of what we need, needs are different, people with young children, people with illness, hardships have had to do what’s best with less for some time, that may help them cope without things some people find very difficult to deal with, respect, be helpful when you can help the less fortunate in life, people who are against living wages , increase pay for workers in restaurants, delivery, low paying jobs, now depend greatly on those who have less insurance, less opportunities and die at a greater rate from most things including Coronavirus.

The most cherish thing in life may be time, often time is going from here to there, trying to get this or that, the first out of the house, the last in the house, this event, that meeting, that party, this new thing, this look, that dollar. Remember Sunday’s when most stores , business, events, were mostly closed not because of a virus but a time when less was unlike today, this is not to say those were the best of times, maybe a more settle, less hectic time than today’s rush to have it all , even if it’s more than needed as others seek what we throw away, waste or hardly use. Time changes for the better, move on from the past, get away from that old time me stuff , some are quick to say , these last months should give more thoughtfulness to learning, family, godly time, some may want to bring some Sunday type of days from the past when life gets back to a new norm without going back to life before this virus, slow the rush to shop for things you don’t really need, slow the urge to make everyday a nine to five, spend uplifting time with people, pull back on spreading hate, more on friendship without being forced by Coronavirus, enjoy material things less and people more.

Mask in urgent demand .

Job losses, shortages, schools closed, hospitals full, curfews, not a normal life. Distressed, bills, children not understanding why or what’s happening, unable to go outside to play, hungry or worse. What we learn and do to prepare forward can help support essential employees, we often overlook until we really have use for them, support health insurance for people, be kind, safe and helpful, bad things will occur again, you don’t know who you’re need , but more so it’s the right thing to do.

Will we learn more this time?.

The Coronavirus aftermath will depend on what we learn from both viruses over ten decades apart, when we begin treating our world as family, how we improve from failures, where we invest wisely in materials and humans, how we equal our resources toward all life, why we should spend more on health, education and less on nukes.We have the means, real actions can have results to keep us ahead in the future .

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