There’s a lot we don’t know , a lot we are searching for answers to, like what’s in the distance of outer space or what’s lurking very close to us?, like inside our bodies close.

As we grow older our bodies began to weaken, like in reverse of the once forward growth of our bodies and minds , as a one year old our legs were not yet strong, we were not able to fully communicate, stand for long, without falling or see very far, our brain was not yet able to understand most things, we were unable to do for ourselves , but we grew stronger and wiser as our bodies and minds mature.

Most people beyond retirement age and unfortunately some sooner have a pain here or there in their body or may have a painless illness about to erupt, some people may have trouble standing or don’t see or hear well or have more disturbing havoc in their body, that only a miracle is able to cure .

There are many illness robbing humans of its once vibrant self, some carry little or no warnings, no medical attention or anything known to mankind can stop all health problems, treatments and medications can help in some cases, diseases can rob people of their life cells and leave them without any path for healing.

Some may think it’s just a person growing older, family and friends may feel helpless in trying to communicate what they think is happening, when some behavior changes with their family or friend , there usually are signs that may give early clues to what’s happening with some serious health issues, we may miss or be unaware of, it’s harder if we just don’t know, caring for a serious ill person can be more taxing if we don’t know what to expect.

One rising mental disease is causing over three hundred million people in this country alone to be affected each year, it occurs in most people who are above sixty years of age but it can happen earlier , robbing people of everything they once knew. Doctors are learning more but have been unable to establish a cure, it may be possible to slow this disease in its early stages in some cases according to some experts, as of now it claims every human who has it in one way or another over years or even decades.

Like most life threatening diseases the costs, treatments will soar as our population ages at a growing rate, the life they once had fades away, with this mental disease that ranks in the top five diseases leading to death according to reports, it’s behind heart attacks, cancer, respiratory disease and strokes.

This disease was discovered in Frankfurt, German in 1906 , it was once called the disease of forgetfulness, it now carries its name after the doctor who notice changes in brain tissue of a women who died at the age of fifty five, after suffering what was a mysterious mental loss at that time, the women, Auguste Deter died of sepsis infection, caused by the overworking of her immune system , her Doctor Alois Alzheimer who had cared for her found senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles on her brain, which is early Alzheimers to today’s doctors.

Average adult brain weights about 3 lbs

There are helpful signs that may help one recognize the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, here are some signs -Difficult in remembering recent events or conversations, Repeating statements, Misplacing things or leaving things in odd places, trouble finding correct words in conversations and may burn food or leave a stove on, driving abilities will decline.

As Alzheimer progress it can lead to physical difficulties like problems swallowing, bowel, bladder control, losing balance leading to falls, Pneumonia and other types of infectious. Seek medical advice if you or someone close to you have possible early signs of Alzheimer’s or other diseases, share information on health issues. With the growing aging of this country, Alzheimer is expected to be one of the fastest growing health issues in the coming years.

Personal concerns of what some people may say or think can keep some people from talking or sharing health issues, just keep it to oneself, keep it in the family, don’t let anyone know, but in time hopefully theses types of concerns will be overcome and more people can get help, when people know more and are able to control or receive a cure for health issues they may be able to share with more people.

Auguste Deter 5-16-1850 – 4 – 8 – 1906

Alzheimer’s cure may occur, sometimes in the distance future, until then helping to educate people may bring needed understanding and comfort to people in need.

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