Cable Cheating Customers

Why have we been duped for so long ?. You don’t have an idea of what the question or answer should be but that’s ok, you are not alone, most of us are usually glued along with you in an endless cycle that occurs every day mostly after six pm, after work, dinner, after not much else going on, we get comfortable sometimes without thought, we sat, we click, we roam countless 850, 849, 848 on and on and on until we land on some channel, some show, some movie, some television something.

Wake up, paying what started out two years ago as a bargain is not a bargain anymore, it was never really a bargain, over eight hundred channels, how many do you watch? , thirty, twenty, after clicking or whispering in the ear of an hand held robber taking your dollars for things you don’t watch or even intend or want to watch.

There are some programs some people would die to keep , we all have those shows but not more than a dozen or two at most, if so, there’s is a world waiting for you to enjoy but back to cable, are we using even most of the channels we are being charged for? .

Some may remember days ago, months ago, ok years, many years ago, what, four, six channels and we only had to pay for the tv and yes the electric bill, sure you had to leave your seat and walk five or six feet if you didn’t have pitter patter feet who wanted to quickly do it for you.

No we don’t want to go back to grandma or grandpa tv, but most want to pay for the channels they choose to watch and not the ones they pass by, come on cable companies, do the right pricing, pay for what we watch and stop programming us to what you want to give us, sure theirs something for everyone but everyone doesn’t watch everything , some people don’t or won’t watch what you are trying to program for us, shows with two dads are increasing, shows where hundreds of people are killed in less than sixty minutes, shows where women are constantly fighting, cussing, lying , gay shows, killing shows, bitches shows, yes some people love those but why do everyone pay, let’s pay for what we watch not what we don’t watch.

Maybe it’s just this writer who’s feeling cheated. There are ways to get around paying for cable hopefully companies will learn before they lose their good thing and people demand to pay for what they use, not for what cable wants you to use.

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