One Living Person You Admire

Who would you like to grow up and be like?,what do you want to be when you grow up?, those were/are questions often asked of most youngster at one time or another, usually most would aswers by naming a popular sports or entertainer person, doctor,nurse, police or fire person were often given too, later in … Continue reading One Living Person You Admire

Offensive Truths

Tenchnology, words and people have/are changing quickly before our eyes, snice my younger days, a time when Baby Ruth candy bars, Chubby Checker and Wonder bread were popular, some changes have been or are for good, while some other changes have or are not too good, people will differ on good or bad changes, most … Continue reading Offensive Truths

Chocolate Once Upon A Time

As Black History month drew to a close, some history enter my mind, as a person born and raised here when sections of Washington DC were full of black own or operated business. Freemen’s Hospital , Howard theatre, local dentist offices, hair salons, carryouts, law offices, mom and pop stores, pool halls, restaurants, barbershops and … Continue reading Chocolate Once Upon A Time

Next President Will Not Be A Women

As of March 2019, there are more women seeking to lead this country than any other time in Presidential elections, its predictable most of them will be unable to gather even twenty percent of the votes in the crowded field of any reliable poll. Television talking heads will try to keep interest in this growing … Continue reading Next President Will Not Be A Women