Next President Will Not Be A Women

As of March 2019, there are more women seeking to lead this country than any other time in Presidential elections, its predictable most of them will be unable to gather even twenty percent of the votes in the crowded field of any reliable poll.

Television talking heads will try to keep interest in this growing historic lead to the 2020 elections, women who didn’t vote for one of the most qualified persons to run for President two years ago, will likely find a way to vote for a women this time, even if it’s for second spot on the ticket, which could be a first if it’s a successful bid to the White House.

It’s early for some to make predictions on what is expected to be the largest number of democrats running for president, that could oddly help the current President towards a possible second term, if no one breaks to the lead quickly, that can garner several states from more than the coastlines .

Of the more than fourteen democratic contenders that have declared, and the next few who may come aboard later, the women in alphabetic order are Tulsi Gabbard, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobochar, Elizabeth Warren and Marianne Williamson, none of them will be able to position themselves to where candidate Hilary Clinton was and only one of them will be around by this time next year, the rest will fall like the long list of republicans did in 2016.

Commentators may be overwhelming wrong as most were in the 2016 election, getting paid for being wrong is not a bad job to have sometimes.

Making early predictions when there aren’t many past facts to prove or disprove my header could be a problem, a very large number of voters who disagree with my header could turn the results around.

This time next year the list should be down to four or less contenders, anymore may spell trouble for the final winner chance to succeed.

One of the current five women will be standing, not that the women are not qualified, after all its hard to find any of the current women who is less qualified than the current person in the Oval Office, only one of the current women may be able to show voters the kind of grit and background that will garner enough votes from some of the people who may not vote for a women under any current circumstances. It should be a interesting race, enjoy the run and remember to take someone with you to vote in 2020.

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