Offensive Truths

Tenchnology, words and people have/are changing quickly before our eyes, snice my younger days, a time when Baby Ruth candy bars, Chubby Checker and Wonder bread were popular, some changes have been or are for good, while some other changes have or are not too good, people will differ on good or bad changes, most of us may agree technology changes have been for the most part good, we do not have to get up to change televison channels, smart phones give us information at the touch of our fingertips or just for the asking, gps systems help get us to places we want to go, advancements in health, educational and other activties are helping our lives in ways we may not yet know the possiblities for the future are.

Words don’t always mean what some think they do, apologies are for the most part insincere especially on the political stage, the use of offensive words like we are sometimes encouraged to disguise , like the N- word that was widely used decades ago, shouted out from hate filled tongues , Nigger, now it’s some what depends on who, where, and how one use it, can determine a good or bad reaction, so be careful, be very careful.

Are we changing for the good or are we getting worse in our dealings with each other?, people are a lot easier to be offended by words, eye contact, text message, opinions, innocent touch or something they read, hopefully not this post, there’s little tolerance, does that contribute to what causes growing hatred ?or is the drive for zero tolerance more of a problem, is zero tolerance attainable to help us be more civil or should we have thicker skin? are the days when parents told children: sticks and stones may break your bones but words will not harm you. I’m sure parents knew words could or were damaging, they also knew it might be better to not be too easy offended in a tough and sometimes challenging and cruel world, that in today’s time is even tougher and can cause more tragic consequences when words offend.

Looking back, living with my father, his wife and their sons from time to time, after some long work days my stepmom would have one of us part and grease her scalp as she relax in a chair and watch television, one day our father came home as I was doing her hair, he didn’t speak to me directly, but said to his wife, don’t have my boys doing hair, l don’t want them growing up and turning out to be no sissy, that’s another word you don’t hear often now, looking back, seeing how things change on many levels it appears the use of technology and words has advanced in a better way than how people are advancing in treating each other like they want to be treated.

Being offended by different words that deal with sex, religion, race and really just about any word today can cause some people to react in a way that goes beyond what may be necessary.

One section to the constitution address some of what seems to becoming a lessening of speech and press in ways that may weaken some freedoms, in a way that may ban words like sissy, nigger, japs, kike, cracker, cunt, words with unpleasant meanings to some. It’s good to ban the use of some words in certain places but not to remove words or parts of our history because we don’t like certain parts or words , we won’t have much history or words left if we continue removing what we don’t like that’s true in our past. It’s better to learn from history, teach it well and true, some will argue there’s no place for some words, persons or some history, we should not run away from words or true history, history should not be change to be made nice neither should words be completely banned.

We likely know a friend or family member or two who constantly use four letter or racist words but can completely turn the use of those words off at work, church, or in other situations, controlling our words may be better than banning our words.

We should be able to learn from some horrible or good things to improve the future of ourselves and specifically our children, it’s not much that will one hundred percent tolerable to everyone but as much good as we can gain and share from our day to day experiences should be worth us to try more than some of us do.

When all is said and done, technology will continue to advance, words will come and go, the hope for a future that gets better , one where people use less hateful words and more importantly where people truly respect and get along with each other. Sadly it’s not promising for our future and that should be a offense for all of us.

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