One Living Person You Admire

Who would you like to grow up and be like?,what do you want to be when you grow up?, those were/are questions often asked of most youngster at one time or another, usually most would aswers by naming a popular sports or entertainer person, doctor,nurse, police or fire person were often given too, later in life as some sports and entertainers faded, new names would update those given earlier and new jobs would become one’s new focus.

It’s admireable to most people when people at an early age can choose a career they want to do in their future and go on and later make their dream choice their life career.

Abraham Thomas Lincoln

When thinking about someone now that dosen’t include ones family, friends or people who are no longer with us, the list in a hundred and fifty years or so can be long, thinking of just a few past admired persons might include the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Sojourner Truth, Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, Dorothy Height. Nelson Mandela are just a few who come to mind, of course each persons list will not include all of the same people.

Dorothy Irene Heights

The thought of what one living person that would make one’s current list may take some time to consider if you want to come up with a person who can stand the course of time, some people who were admired years ago are no longer admired today and some who were not admired years ago are now admired. A deffinition of the word admire is similar to this – regard ( an object, quality, or person) with respect or warm approval. Many years ago a young Muhammad Ali once known as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., was not admired by many people, today it’s hard to find many people who does not hold him to a high degree of approval.

One of the living persons who came to my mind came easly and a couple of days later this person was still on my mind as one of my top current person who has not faded, this person might not be as high on some list, but he should be on most list of people who give serious thought to the definition of the word, his life long background and current life should stand the course of time. We often have news filled with people who are let’s say not too good in things that may give them the spotlight or headlines for more than their fifteen minutes of so called fame.

You likly have some person on your mind who currently would be your choice. I will not go throught a long list of my choice life achievements or their few down falls that we all have in life, to me when I think of their life as a whole, I view as one of my most admire living persons of today, for outstanding work over the decades with his wife often by his side over the many years is in its self cherish

You may know my choice by reading these few but outstanding achievements, a philanthropist, Nobel Peace Prize , Senator, Governor, President, my choice Mr. Jimmy Carter is my current most admired person.

RIDGEWOOD, NJ – JULY 08: Former President of the United States Jimmy Carter signs copies of “A Full Life Reflections At Ninety” at Bookends Bookstore on July 8, 2015 in Ridgewood, New Jersey. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)

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