Spring Wo-men Power

Spring is a wonderful time, the sounds, sights, smells and feel seems to open our inner souls, it’s a time when hibernating animals awake, beautiful birds return, plants prepare to bloom, people dig in the soil and refresh their life to a wonderful new beginning, old man winter is behind or maybe in another way, read on. Spring of course is not new, it’s been happening for thousands, no millions of years or more, but each time it’s different, some may say it’s nothing new to write about, ok, let’s put a spin on our minds on a new happening that’s occurring in our human spring of life, wo-men, not millions of years ago women but today’s women. Women are advancing like never before and making some positive actions that will update our future, let’s spring into some people changing and blossoming attitudes, making strives for what can be a fuller future for all.

Our future , our past our everything .

Women who are in this spring of newness, making time toward building up the best for all equally, reasonable and respectful must not become like some of this country’s past or present , who have had rule in one way or another from the days of pinning the papers of our nation, that did little for some of its citizens . Today it’s good to be aware of rising without making those they may succeed or the daily interaction with those who may have not reach their potential manhood yet, chose to use your best inner self and not bend to norms of their past but in short keep forward with the best in you to make real front door changes.

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock you should know of women exceptional advancements on this earth and in the out of this world of space. Women are becoming the spring of life, not that they were not before, in what some may have put forward , behind every successful man is a good woman, I hope I remember that correctly, women were a sort of behind the back kind of way, by the hindering rules, bosses, friends or some family, is well documented, think about it, over the last many decades women were not allowed to vote by those in power, their brothers, fathers, husbands were in control, not able to own property in some places and even needing their spouse to get credit, those who long controlled this country and impose laws that slowed the rise of women and people of color are cuddling up to the rise of women power or in some cases trying to derail them before more reach their peak. Women still make less than men in most similar jobs and are divided in ways that are used to shore up divisions, like those used toward people of color , some unsettling acts hidden in plain eye viewing. Women can only stop their rise, if they miss step valuable history content in following the crooked path ways of some groups, individuals before them who’s ills are often made over in faded history , don’t go backwards, those concern with doing right things must continue forward, the young are in need of a better future.

The desires of this country from the early days may have started out with good intentions than bad intentions grew in most seasons . It didn’t take long for the history of things like control, greed, lies and inhuman acts tolerated by few to become a normal way by many, setting this country on a path that has not let us recover to the full extent that we are capable of. Women who truly seek to bring a betterment of themselves and fulfill lives of those from their bodies must not establish the path of that founding fathers lack in true meaning of liberty and justice for all , to do so will bring an end to a forward spring rise of fulfillment of what’s needed for a true mindset that serves all, not a repeat of worsening tides of uncertainty, there will not be a all cure, it takes more than one gender working honestly, steadfast and together. Don’t take a one sided view that some seems to want to expand on. Mans rule of most businesses, congress, and the seat of power and most of everything else is not coming to a close anytime soon, we all fall short with devaluation of each other, but the full readiness of the next level is in favor for a rising spring that blossoms wo-men.

Become the better woman .

My definition of wo?, is being the better mind of woman. We all can be better in any season, but there’s no better time to start than now, the path is leveling faster, it only needs you to balance it.

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