Letters have been used to express many different words in poems, dance, text, letters, and many other forms, yet unfortunately one word is use often with little true fulfillment from where it comes, it is likely the most over use word for some selfish reasons than most any other single words.

How does such a little word expand into so much feelings with so many uses?, togetherness, worthy, ads, or lies. We can in ways feel a total clearness of everything and closeness of everything at once in the word, it’s hard to explain , each person has their take on it , if it’s full from within ones total or use wrongly to entice, the word rightful use strives to survived.

The joy of it is what some seek but may never truly have, even if it comes for a brief time, if it’s the truth you’ll yearn for it weather you know it or not. To experience or engage it can be what all wish for, some may enjoy its fullest for long.

What’s wonderful, to observe people if you are in the right place at the right time of its true occurrence and get the feel that restores or rekindled within, one or more of these people you may have heard of , some may doubt their kind ever or do exist, this is not about arguments or fiction although some may make that choice because it may not seem possible as some worldly world grows to think of knowing everything and believing in the worse in others.

Knowing everything is without doubt out of our human reach , we truly know less than what we think we know. People who truly feel strongly in what is factual, in faith or however ones mind interpretation for greatest true feeling may be what few will understand to achieve or share , some before us pass to us or we inherited in one way or another.

The acceptance of the true word is with some from the word of truth in the body, sprit, mind and spread by some who walked this earth, weather you are one who believe in a greater and truer than how the word is used today or in the past, we may not know, most will not denied it if they honestly had a embrace of what’s it’s like to have, the greatest feel of the word in their soul. This writer can’t truly describe it, but maybe in time , we may know and have it fully to truly embrace the word love and share it with all.

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